Framerate went down.

This morning my fps went from 55-60 down to 20-25. My ping and download rate are the same. All my settings are now on low and it makes no difference. Makes the game unplayable. Im on i7 4710, gtx980M and 16Gbram. It might have happened after I istalled the new graphics driver from nvidia.

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"It might have"? What's the purpose of this topic?

So, NWI made some colab with british nvidia to optimize game. Which it apparently didnt do for all. So the purpose of this post is to let devs know that its not optimal and its unplayable as it is with appr.25fps.
If youre having more doubts about this post, feel free to get answers to your questions.

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If you recently installed a new driver and are now experiencing the FPS drops, then it's probably the driver. One thing to bare in mind, new drivers doesn't automatically mean the're the best. I'd recommend reverting back to the old one and testing it again.

@planetcanada Yeah I know and I did. It was in relation the optimisation of the game through driver. But thanks 🙂

@byby Right on man hope you get some frames back 😁 Game on!