Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 First Launch and Known Issues

I'll pass this along to the team 🙂

When i played for Drukhari fleet, sometimes "Q" button(Full Ahead), fades grey and doesnt work at all. It doesnt seems like it is on Cooldown/Damaged Engine or some enemy factions skills, because sometimes Full Ahead doesnt work even before first contact with the enemy. It cant be repaired, or just waiting isnt help, it stays grey and can`t be used. There is no indication what is supposed to be, probably a bug?

@iyagovos During the earlier phase of the beta i didn't have any issues. As i was playing more it started to get worse and worse. Now i can't play at all as everytime i try to pick a fleet my game freezes.

@formosa Experiencing the same error, multiple tests here as well.

I am receiving Menu_Multiplayer_OfflineProfile Doesn't exist error and it is preventing me from playing any multiplayer battles

I understand the co-op is beta but I was wondering if theres a way to fix the loading screen where the ready button show.?

Me and a friend are constantly running into issues with the Coop Campaign, we are able to get in a battle or two before the game freezes at the end battle loading screen when returning to the campaign map. Very frustrating as it doesn't save and always having repeat battles. This is not the only instance, also bugs out when ending turns and gets stuck on opponents phase.

Hey @heysambo,

Thanks for posting about this. We are aware of these issue, and are working hard to sort them out. The co-operative mode is currently in a beta state, so if you want to play the co-op Campaign without bugs I would advise you to to wait for future updates. If you continue, we would greatly appreciate if you can detail any bugs you come across as a new thread in the technical feedback section of our forums. Thanks!