Dmg values are broken - Needs fixing ASAP

@ctbear1996 Offline bots are broken, they all take 2 hits no matter what armor and so on, thats why we did our tests online, dont believe the local play dmg values, totally broken.

i shoot a guy 3 m24 bullets but he was still alive

@sergeantpirzad Idk if you hit him in the arms or something, but yesterday i went 25:6 on crossing with an m24 and nagant, and on far ranges i was 1 hitting like crazy.

@freedn Well if you said it's offline, then I'd say it's for the entire coop because I'm pretty sure MK17 is 2 shot kill in online coop too. Someone @ devs please.

Been a little occupied lately, but something has changed on or since December 6th. TTK on some guns (M16 looking at you) has certainly got lower - burst fire went from being wank to being pretty damned effective. SCAR has had something done to it as has the M24. TTK in general is too high, but it appears the bugs are fixed. I'll get another graph together of shots to kill in the coming days.

I've been one shotted by M24 many times from far since the last update, so it seems to be working better now.

I think the suppressor might affect the Mosin's TTK a bit. I was playing and I hit several people (I'm fairly sure it was CoM) and they didn't go down. I wasn't surprised when the guy I shot in the leg to make him move didn't die, but several long range shots, which, again, I'm fairly sure found the CoM of their target, didn't bring them down. I used a suppressor on all of them.

Edit: whoops forgot to mention this was in PvP.

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Please do something with the damage. Especially the SCAR-H's 7.62 should be an insta-kill.
I can kind of accept that 5.56 doesn't kill instantly, since I remember when us troops reported, they sometimes had to double tap people, but 7.62 if hit in the right spot will take your fucking arm off.
At this point I think I'm getting more stopping power for .45 ACP, than from the SCAR's 7.62.
Interesting the G3 and the FAL seems to have normal damage (same caliber!).

looking at the damage chart sounds like there is no advantage to wearing light or heavy armour, it will only slow you down.

Can any one confirm ?