Issue with game launching in wrong screen (for multiple monitors).

When game launches the pre-launch title card thing shows up on the propper screen but when it cuts to black and starts the advertisments its on the wrong screen and I can't seem to move it. Tried chaning the window type (Borderless Window, Window and Fullscreen) and move it over to the proper screen like every other program, but that doesn't work either. Tried hovering over the minimized window on the task bar, right-click on the window and tried to move or resize didnt work on any of the game window options. I would just play with that screen if it wasn't for the fact its like 14" and like 10 years older than my regular monitor.

I have this problem too.

Steam is on one monitor. When I lauch the game the initial splash screens are on that same monitor and then is on my second monitor and I cannot move it. Changing to windowed mode does nothing.

I checked and the monitor I want it to play on is designated as my primary monitor. Doesn't matter, still goes to my second monitor. I have to unplug my other monitor to force the game onto the monitor I want it on.

Can confirm this. I had my TV connected as a second screen, but it was switched off while gaming. Then everytime while starting a Multiplayermatch i got stuck in the loading screen on my mainscreen. Game must have been on second screen. Unplugged the second screen now and now it loads correctly. But now i got an isuee with direct win or loose a match, after loading^^

Focus Team


You can try to launch the game in Steam's Big Picture Mode. That will allow you to choose on wich screen you want the game to launch (in the Resolution settings of Big Picture).

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