[Report] Fleet selection UI crash

Tested the bug across all fleets.

Game freezes after clicking UI for fleet selection and fleet view, deleted game and reinstalled on SSD and same issue occurs.

Any Work around would be appreciated.

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2nd bug, tested across all fleets.

Game freezes when trying to launch skirmish, random enemy fleet selected, I feel it may be hitting a barrier when trying to select a fleet and thus access the fleet manager, I will try to do a pre made fleet vs a pre made fleet next

Hello, sorry to hear that.

We've had server problems.
Have you tried more recently?

Not for the last 30 min no, I will retry now, I did also test it in offline mode and had the same result.

Had a similar issue, froze on fleet selection. Also noted a memory leak, game was using 26GB of ram before I ended the task.

Just about to post that alorai, it’s a memory leak that is causing the issue, I have 16gb ram ddr4 and it was overwhelming it causing a freeze.

I have checked my drivers etc. To make sure it’s not an issue, I have also tested the game on my laptop and it runs a tad slow due to the graphics card being old but otherwise is fine.

I have managed to get the game to run once in multiple testing but the memory leak means it runs very poorly.

I have the same problem with my slightly older PC while the rest of the game runs rather fine and in some points like loading times far better the BFG 1 (with the exception of the game suiciding too fast on 2-3 sec freezes which then ends in you getting a game has crashed message while it runs the game is going on in the background).

I can not enter the Fleet customization as it will freeze my entire PC and forcing me to restart it