Marine Point Costs have gotten worse since the last Beta (by a lot)>.....


Marine Light Cruiser Costs more than a Marine Cruiser 😑
LC Brings: 7 Dps + Launch Bay
Cruiser Brings: 7 Dps + 6 charge Torps + 400 hp and other stats.

Their dps is still atrocious, half their ships have significantly increased in price while only receiving a minor armor buff (does nothing vs lances which tear them apart).

After playing in 3 consecutive betas they have only gotten worse, they need reload, Survivability and point changes to bring them in line with the other factions.

And they didn’t buff any guns!
More Vangaurds doing less damage than Sword escorts! Yey!

Seriously. They nneeeeddd to buff the DPS on Marines. The armour and speed won’t carry them.

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So a problem that ive noticed is that other factions have cheaper ships for the stats your getting. A battlebarge is almost hafe the starting fleet points. I tested this on easy just to see what the AI could bring and I was still out numbered so really in order to make the space marines a viable faction either they need ship cost decreases (wouldn't do this though) or they need stats buffs across the board. If they say like this when the game finally comes out i wont be touching them at all. That's not to say that victory isn't possible with them its just why bother when there's the imperial navy or you no like the 11 other factions.

Not to mention that High Amour and Low HP (they have Half the Shields and -400 hp compared to equivalent Ships) make them extremely vulnerable to lances.
They just get torn apart in not time.
At the very least the need reload times to be buffed across the board and far better stats/survivability

I really hope space marines get buffed or just something cause i love space marines, their one of if not my favorite (faction in loose terms) in 40k. In the first game they weren't that bad, I mean they weren't great my any means but you could make up for the lack of firepower by just spamming boarding actions but in the second one that's not an option you just die to fast. Simply put you cant bring enough ships to the battle to fight a battle of numbers, Board actions have around a 80 sec time (could be slightly less) their is okay i guess unless or fighting lances then your doomed and their fire rate is garbage. i would to see the space marines hips become like giant flying balls of metal that don't do a lot of damage but good luck trying those ships up. Also i would to see boarding party's for marines do WAY MORE DAMAGE that way when you go up against them you have to fight from range or just be killed from the inside.

there ships are meant to wade through torrents of fire and keep going so that they can deliver their VERY, VERY dangerous cargo. Their ships should be little more than flying armored tanks that get their marines close enough to board. I can promise you that being boarded my even a squad of space marines is going to be a huge problem, maybe you disagree but it would give them a interesting play style where your guns are meant more for dropping the enemy's shields and taking out their engine so they cant escape as you sent more and more boarding party's. let me know what you think though.

the problem is that their armor is very good against macros and useless against lances. I haven't played them yet seriously, but I think you are supposed to win through boarding and less by fire power. it would probably help a lot if the highest tier armor won't get reduced to 25% damage reduction by lances.

@fosil That's what i'm saying but they don't have Survivability to make this viable. At the moment they don't have anything they they do well, they cant bring as many ships, firepower is garbage, health and shields aren't great, armor is okay. They just cant survive long enough to make boarding viable.

after testing a bit i find that they suffer from the same problem they had in BFG1 which is that there ships HP are a class lower then the one they are classified as,
a good example of that is the Strike Cruiser it has the HP of a Light Cruiser (which they are more or less) and a bit better Firepower but the Pricetag of an regular Cruiser and that leads to the Marines not beign able to trade well with similar sized vessels which makes them not only Outnumbered (what marines should be) but also too squishy (what marines should not be), easist solution in my opinion would be to increase their hitpoints to the level of similar sized levels from the Imperial Navy

another idea would be turning strikecruisers into slightly overpriced lightcruisers (like in the Old rulebook) and kicking out the current ones and for that adding a kind of larger Battlecruisers type for the marines but that would require far much more work then necessary

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if they could cripple enemy damage output with boarding like they do in lore they could actually compete in some cases
but boarding just does 2 crits, eventho most guns in 40k are manually loaded by hordes of slaves
so reducing a ship to a skeleton crew shouldnt just increase by -20% firerate
they should be barely able to load their guns at all
if marines could cripple their target and then pound it into oblivion they would be a lot better
but now they just do a crit and then have to deal with a enemy still shooting them at a rate reduced by such a insignificant number that their dps is still greater then their barge can bring
if you could kill loading crew slowing firerate by 100 or 150% marines could maybe compete
just because you crit engines wont save you from their guns and you cant aim guns because you will just damage two and still get shot to shit
boarding being pathetic is a large part of why marines are weak

their weakness to lances just makes it worse
its normal to have a weakness, its not good to have no strength

also, pricing seems all kinds of screwed up now
orks have a battleship costing 190pts meanwhile nid escorts cost 40+ for an escort without shields or ability to scan

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@ashardalon this is why i would like to see a general slight health increase and their boarding actions to be at more dangerous

its not a problem of their boarding actions not being dangerous enough
its simply boarding actions that are not dangerous
its not a marine specific problem
hulking ships means nothing currently and is actually a bad thing to do if you are nids
but atleast nids can bite after they crit engines
makes shooty nids pointless tho because they have the exact same problem as marines

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