BFG 2 Imperial Navy Feedback

I'm just downloading the beta, but in the original versus Orks you just focused fired their engines to slow them down and used stuff like stasis bombs. I also found bombers to be useful.

As someone who has been 'maining' (as much as that's a thing here) IN since the earlier closed betas I do not agree with this at all. The example you provided is bizarre especially as the apoc is one of the worst ships IN have and likely one of the worst in the game. The macro reliance of IN means you need to be more careful with your positioning and orders than other factions. I totally disagree with your claim that you can't escape orks or nids having done it myself many times. I haven't lost a single 1v1 this beta to either of those factions as IN (though that's likely to change when people begin to gain access to the higher tier ork upgrades). I honestly think you need to improve your mechanical play and kiting and then come back to this.

Pretty much all of this screams ‘lack of experience’.

The Retribution and the Oberon are both good battleships. The Apocalypse and the Emperor are not, I don’t know how you managed to come to the conclusion that the Apocalypse is better than the Retribution when the latter is faster and outclasses the Appcalypse for DPS at all ranges.

And as for manouverability, they are exact average in every weight class. All other factions are weighed against them for mobility to determine if its good or bad. So suggesting it is ‘bad’ tells me you either are not playing them correctly or you are disproporately fighting much faster factions, either way I suggest you gather more play experience.

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@CALiGeR_Reborn I would say the Oberon is bad now with changes resulting in a significantly increased price. The cheaper Retri is the go to now especially as it's increased speed means it has a chance to dodge nova spam.