The Champions Cup play offs on the PS4 will adopt the Financial Fair Play Rules originally implemented on the PC.
Currently, the inducement rules mean that the Underdog receives cash from the TV difference as normal, plus any additional cash spent by the Overdog (up to 150k) in inducements. The Underdog can then spend up to 150k of their own cash on top of that. However, in some specific circumstances, this may cause the on-pitch TVs to be unbalanced.
For example, where the difference in Team Value between the two teams is very small or equal, the ‘Underdog’ may be able to take what is in effect an unanswerable wizard even though their status as ‘Underdog’ may have been (in the case of equal TV) decided by luck of the draw.
To promote Financial Fair Play in the Champions Cup (deemed necessary after the scandal surrounding the 2517 purchase of Kill-ian Mbappe by Parravon St Guillaume) the organizers of the Champions Cup are limiting the ability of the Underdog to "top up" the extra inducement money to 40k (not including any cash-over-bank which counts towards TV they have) instead of 150k. This means that, at most, the on-pitch TVs will differ by 40k.
Calculation (Google sheet)
Definition of terms in the Google sheet:
TV difference is the difference between the Overdog and the Underdog's TV
Underdog Petty Cash is the amount the Underdog gets on top of his own cash due to spending by the Overdog.
Round Up is the amount Underdog Petty Cash is increased by to make on-pitch TV more equal. That equates to any cash over 150k the Underdog has, plus up to 40k if the Underdog has that much cash.
To that end, the Underdog will receive, in total:
· Cash equating to the TV difference between the teams, plus
· Cash to account for spending by the Overdog, plus
· Any cash which is already accounted for in their TV, plus
· Up to 40k to spend, taken from their own cash.
This puts the teams within 40k of each other.
In-game, that means the Underdog should always follow these simple rules:
If your treasury starts at 150k or more then it can get no lower than 110k.
Otherwise it can get no lower than 40k below what you have.
It is the responsibility of each player to be aware of and adhere to the Financial Fair Play Rules.
If you notice that your opponent has broken the Financial Fair Play Rules, you should concede the game before the main sequence of play begins and ask for an admin adjudication. Do not validate the match though (this is very important). At that time a member of the admin team will reset the game and advise the players as to the appropriate spending levels.
It is very important that the main sequence of play has not started when the FFP rules are reported. Any game partially or fully completed will be judged as fair and confirmed by the admin team.
The Formula:
TVDifference = OverdogTV - UnderdogTV
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, OverdogSpend - max(0, OverdogCash - 150))
RoundUp = min(UnderdogCash, 40) + max(0, UnderdogCash - 150)
Example 1:
1500TV (140k cash) spends 50k vs 1410TV (100k cash)
TVDifference = 1500 - 1410 = 90
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, 50 - max(0, 140 - 150)) = max(0, 50-0) = 50
Roundup = min(100, 40) + max(0, 100 - 150) = 40 + 0 = 40
FreeCash = 90 + 50 = 140
TotalSpendable = 140 + 40 = 180
Example 2:
1610TV (180k cash) spends 100k vs 1300TV (20k cash)
TVDifference = 1610 - 1300 = 310
UnderdogPettyCash = max(0, 100 - max(0, 180 - 150)) = max(0, 100 - 30) = 70
Roundup = min(20, 40) + max(0, 20 - 150) = 20 + 0 = 20
FreeCash = 310 + 70 = 380
TotalSpendable = 380 + 20 = 400
Yes, the calculation is a little complex, however, the principle is simple and in most cases, it should be simple enough to work out in your head. To make things even easier, and to help you to experiment with some different examples there is a Google sheet available. If you intend to use it lots we recommend making your own version to play with.
Please ask any questions below.
Thanks, The PS4 Admin team

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