[Info] Multiplayermatch directly Win or Loose a match

Hi there,

I got this issue now in every of my multiplayergames against other players. Long story short:

  1. Start 2v2 or 1v1 game
  2. Game starts and i see the flight over my Allies and my own ships
  3. Victory/Defeat
  4. Summaryscreen

Occurence: 100% of mygames, against AI games worked fine
Somebody experiences similar?

Greetings Miesepeter

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Hi, you sometimes have Victory and sometimes Defeat ? Or is it always Victory in 1v1 and Defeat in 2v2 ? Also do you have an estimate number of times it happened to you ?

Hey there,

the first 4 matches i tried were 2v2 and they were mixed up in direct Victory or direct Defeat after loading the match. I didn't play the match, just loading and then over. I tried one 1v1 but don#t remember if it was victory or defeat. However, the game managed to let me just play my first game, but had a crash when i tried another one, but i think this is a different matter.

Greetings, Miesepeter

Ok, you're not the only one experiencing this it seems that there might be some connectivity issues for some people resulting in the game not playing and you having an instant victory (1v1 the other player never got to the match) or defeat/victory in 2v2 (depending on who got connectivity issues, your mate or your enemies). Unfortunately we've been unable to reproduce on our end and succeeded to get matches so i think it's only a matter of luck so you should keep trying. Don't hesitate to come back to this thread to tell us if you were able to get a match or you keep having this issue over and over again.

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thank you for your quick reply :). Yeah connectivity really might be a thing. I recognised that sometimes game doesn't connect correctly to online mode and so the game is in Offline-mode and i can only play games against the AI. Restarting the game and Steam normally solves this. But maybe it's some kind of desync while loading the match. I will try some more and see how it is going.

Greetings Miesepeter