"I am door, destroyer of man"

Small bit of feedback-- Especially in coop, getting insta-killed by a door being kicked does not feel good

From the realism perspective, in a game where getting double tapped by 5.56 NATO rounds is a survivable thing, being in the path of an door flying off of its hinges shouldn't be an instant death.

From a gameplay perspective, instant door deaths are untelegraphed, provide no opportunity for counter play, and given the claustrophobic nature of the maps, altogether unavoidable (especially in coop bot matches). This mechanic just feels bad and is right up there with getting hit from a molotov thrown from 500+ yards away by a bot who just so happens to know you're prone in a room with no direct line of sight.

I'm all kick-in-the-door style adventures, but I think some kind of knockback or stun would be a little more appropriate****

(that is, unless it's established that security and the insurgents NEVER skip leg day and can leg press a train, then I'd buy that they'd be able to Sparta-kick anyone to death with a single blow)

****As someone familiar with games development and UE4, I say this full well knowing that designing, implementing, and balancing a new player state is, to say the least, not an easy task to do. Whatever the fix is, I'd like to mostly just point out that as a player, instant deaths to door kicks are not fun to play against

I like the door breach kills but the points made here are valid and extremely well articulated.

@whitby Yea I find it can add a bit of comical relief to an otherwise and sometimes very tense situation which helps to kind of balance the mood a bit without totally breaking the immersion. It is after all just a video game but I can understand why this would create frustration at times and ultimately I am indifferent to the initial mechanic itself. If that all made sense 😆. It’s like the dismemberment. They said at one point they want to tone it down but I would rather they didn’t. As unrealistic as watching a guy get shot in the arm and his arm gets completely blown off may or may not be it sure does give me a good chuckle and I appreciate that even in a game I tend to take a little more serious than maybe I should!

I think it should stay like this. It, along with the funny voice lines, makes it that little bit over-the-top that makes the game funny (in a comedic sense).
I love bashing/get bashed by a door, it's hilarious either way.

Having a stun would be just as much, if not more frustrating because you're probably gonna get shot by the guy/gal who kicked in the door anyway and you can't do anything about it.

Yeah, I've been saying that ringing ears and some visual obstruction like flashes or screen/weapon sway would make sense.

When you take a nasty hit to the the head irl you sometimes see little flashes of bright white light for an instant, and you can get dizzy. If it's really bad parts of your peripheral vision can darken for a moment as well. If you take a shot to the ear your ears can start ringing. So it would all roughly make sense in game.

@planetcanada The difference is that dismemberment occurs when you would've died anyway. When tensions are high, dying to a stupid mechanic probably won't lighten the mood.

@cyoce That’s fair! It certainly won’t for everyone anyways. Either way as I said I am indifferent in my 160 hours as of writing this I have died from the direct result of a door kick only once and even that one time I wasn’t actually in the path of the door I was actually off to the side sitting on a sand bag. Nevertheless it killed me exploding my legs and all and I recorded the recap and posted it on here as a glitch as I shouldn’t technically have died because I was in no way in the kill zone of a door breach. But maybe this is why I found it comical because if you had of seen the video you would completely understand even a moderator pointed out that it was quite odd and passed it on to the devs for me! All in all it wouldn’t bother me for this to stay or go as I tend to stay away from doors religiously part of that could also be due to the fact I like the pre fire at closed doors often enough then kick them down then enter through a window lol.. “Surprise Cock Bags”..😂

The door kill is the most stupid thing in this game currently. As you point out, you can survive two shots from a gun, yet a door being kicked in instant kills you. Also, who the fuck can kick a door off it's hinges!? The door should be kicked in at the least, not kicked off. It's as if the doors are blutacked on!

I honestly think it was just a lazy decision on their behalf. They couldn't design a knock back, stun effect from the door so they ended up making it instant kill you.

The door kill is not only kinda stupid (you'd have to hit your head pretty hard and head on which MIGHT happen, but rarely does), but it's also buggy. I've seen a teammate who was just sitting next to a door - nowhere near the opening radius - and yet he still got killed by it.

@sharpeyehodgey Again, though, as other people have said, your "stun" effect would probably just get you killed by the guy kicking in the door anyway.

I'd rather die instantly by a door getting kicked in my face than getting stunned and being virtually unable to do anything to prevent my inevitable demise.

I also don't think it's that infuriating to die by a door. It's pretty hilarious, in my opinion.

As far as a stun state would go for getting a door to the face, I'd be curious how gameplay would feel if, as a placeholder, NWI were to use the same 'Flashbanged' state and then reorient the player in a random direction. This would give the door kicker an advantage over the kickee in that the kickee can't just immediately open fire and waste anyone coming in through the door (without at least risking hosing any nearby teamates down with bullets), but it also doesn't completely remove agency from the kickee and allows for either a teammate to save them from the breacher(s).

I'd also be a fan of leaving the insta-death mechanic in the game as is, but requiring the use of an explosive to do so (either a door breaching charge, c4, or an M203 impact), which suddenly really incentivizes keeping your breacher or demolitions alive (yay teamwork!)


Agreed with every word here.

Really like the idea of directional breach charges, would be a neat 1 point explosive option which would justify door-deaths and could clear part of the room. Would be useful.

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