QOL Improvements

A few things I think would be nice if possible.

  • Saving Faction/Subfaction/Fleet/skills/Upgrade layouts: It would be really nice if the game remembered the faction, subfaction, fleet, skills and upgrades I used in the last fight so I didn't always have to re-pick them.

  • Viewing Subfaction Aesthetics: It would be nice if you could somehow see what ships looked liked under a certain subfaction without having to actually launch a game.

  • Docks: It would be great to see a return of the dock-like view of your fleet between games. This could also help with viewing the subfaction aesthetics. Perhaps the detail part of the window could be expandable if it saves and behind it would be a dock view of your fleet.

  • Point Tweaking: It would be lovely to have a way to slightly increase or decrease the point values of ships, by say giving up a gun or suffering some sort of minor debuff or buff. Right now the point limits can make it really hard to play certain styles. For instance the necron's currently have two cruisers, one with a 270 firing arc one with 2 90s, but the 270 is over 300 points and the other isn't. Essentially even if you like the 270 playstyle a lot more, you're forced in 2v2s to take the other ship or only get one cruiser.

  • Viewing locked portraits/skills: It would be really nice if you could see the details on locked portraits or abilities so you could pick your subfaction accordingly. Perhaps the portraits could be greyed out instead of turned over for instance?

@malacheron said in QOL Improvements:

  • Saving Faction/Subfaction/Fleet/skills/Upgrade layouts:

Agreed. Same goes for remembering what Skirmish settings we used, it's annoying to go back in and turn off Take and Hold each time.

  • Viewing Subfaction Aesthetics:

Also agreed, shouldn't have to start a match just to see my ships' looks.

  • Docks:

Definitely seems like a good solution to the above problem.

  • Point Tweaking:

Won't happen with the balance-boner they've got going on.

  • Viewing locked portraits/skills:

Also seems like an obvious solution, yes.