Put the scopes back the way they were

What happened? The scopes were awesome before. Why did you guys change them? Before the last update scopes took most of the screen so that you had a wide sight picture when using them which was fantastic because that's how scopes are in real life. You look through them, you don't use them with 2 eyes open. Now it's crap. Not like I'm looking through a scope anymore at all. Now it's like using a red dot with both eyes open. I don't want Pubg scopes. Put it back the way it was.. red dots are good though. Just give us a bigger sight picture with scopes so it looks like we are using a scope not a red dot please.

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Frankly, scopes felt op when they don’t clutter the screen at all, I get less incentive to use iron sights. It’s supposed to be balanced right.

Iron sights: Harder to aim but less clutter
Scopes:Improved aim but more clutter
At least that’s how I think it should be and that Ins2 nailed it

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