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    Monsters & Majesties, Squigs & Squires, Damen und eternally Damned!
    Welcome to the illustrious Iron Phoenix Blood Bowl League!

    Here you will find a truely international league boasting some of the most
    talented & unscrupulous coaches from around the globe (not to mention some
    of the deadliest & most bizzarre teams you have ever seen!)

    The IPBBL empire has expanded exponentially over many glorious years &
    now not only hosts 4 tiered BB2 (& BB1) divisional leagues, open leagues,
    a plethora of specialised side cups & tournaments (catering for rookies
    & veterans alike) but also a fantastic, pro-active coaching community
    with publications, match reports, streaming, gambling dens & a bounty office
    (to name but a few outlets) all established & maintained by a highly dedicated
    & over enthusiastic team!

    Info & signup for the league & forums can be found via this thread below:

    Hope to see you soon.