Dear Spintires,

Thoroughly enjoying the game, just wanted to add a few suggestions.

Is it possible to have the direction nodes you placed saved after returning to the game? I map out a path, turn the game off only to return and have to place the nodes again. Can more than 15 nodes be added to a journey at one time.

A Photo Mode, an option to hide the GUI so you can share/save a screenshot.

When in Winch mode, could selection be set by the left/right directional buttons, currently it is on the camera and no matter how you position it sometimes you cannot select a winch node you want to use.

To mix up Gameplay, you could add in missions to unlock different vehicles such as barn finds.

If you had a vehicle where you can lift say a chassis onto the back of a truck with a crane, or you have a crane vehicle and you load it on to the back of another truck, return it to the garage for repair, or even go elsewhere to pick up parts, say an engine return it to the garage to unlock that particular vehicle.

Add more random items to the landscape as Points of interest, a crashed airliner/jet, broken down vehicles, ruined buildings etc. Could be integrated as a trophy/achievement by finding all points of interest.

Adding a Monster truck chassis to smaller jeeps such as the A3151, the choice of paint or camouflage skin on vehicles.

Just a few ideas which would be nice to see in the game, I have not had as much experience or playtime in the Mudrunner Universe as Wolf_Fangs1382 but there are some excellent suggestions in his post.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the DLC.

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