My friends and i, we hope can play PVE Local Play to earn the EXP.
There is too hard if server has too many new guys.If they can't play well.There will have too many bot we need to kill, and many times we fight for the case EXP.
And I can't shoot, and change my weapon quickly if server is not well.I met many times bot just shoot to kill me for once when i just walking through.
We really want to play alone or play with own friends to earn the EXP and Money.
Please give us a chance.Even if the exp only half we can earn in the Local Play.
We don't want to fight with other stranger, or play very tired beacuse they can't play the game well.
We really enjoy this game and insurgency sandstorm is very nice FPS game, we play this game every night. We hope we can keep enjoy this. We don't want to consume our enthusiasm beacuse other player. Hope can see this message. We will be really grateful 🙂 Have nice day.