Oh Dear

Fatal error while playing tutorial ??? Game crashes?
Next Stage....no trigger
Also no skipping sequence ?

3rd time tutorial campaign failure
All works fine until all ahead full command then I die....3rd time in a row even being nowhere near any mines.

If you ask me this is a total disaster....
PvP .....oh dear....customization oh dear.....
Oh and graphics are blurred this looks like.....shit we went from gorgeous sharp textures to 6 years back unreal 4 engine blurry shit....

Sadly I put trust in some French pushovers, sadly I had to throw money out of the window, you delayed the gameupdates you delayed or rather skipped work on Armada 1 to remake it into something even worse, wow.....all you had to do was to get the balance in line, maybe split between PvE rule set and PvP and add more campaigns, but bloody hell you managed to screw this up several times over. Now it looks even worse, let me guess you thought like the dudes who made DoW 3 hey customers are all brain dead they will buy anyways. Well sadly you got me, and no refund for me anyways but never ever I will buy any product associated with Tindalos or Focus, well done, you did not have to do much but you managed to fuck it up...and one customer and his friends down.

We do need a skip button for the cut scenes, and if you play about with the settings you can get rid of that horrible blur.

Also, you get more with sugar than you do with shite.

@honsou you can refund up to a week after launch