Tau 2v2 Fleet Bug (mass escorts)

So I'm not sure what causes it, but I've seen it a couple of times now (once on my own fleet), where I end up with a HEAP of Escort ships, well beyond what you would expect.

Just had a game with this game, who had a Custodian, Emissary, Castellan and 18 x Warden (yes 18)


If I click on fleet details, I get this

Just had a game where they were using a preloaded ship design in a 1v1, the cap is 1200 points, he had 4 BS and 2 cruisers and 7 escorts. I thought this was bs and i checked the amount of points he had after the match using the little eye symbol and it said he was ~1360 points meaning it was WELL over. So yeah idk whats going on with that....

Gravitics anchors seems to glitch out and give more ships than otherwise indicated. I had the same fleet composition give different amounts of escorts when i changed my flagship however.