Just a little dlc hype

Was looking at the list of content in the upcoming dlc and I'm really curious as to what the hidden tale t will be for the new 8x8 we're getting. Thoughts?

I thought it was the possibility of transporting other vehicles, but probably not, so I do not know.

I think it would be absolutely wicked if it could transport other vehicles. Maybe a small crane on the back like the big military recovery vehicles.

I agree, I think it's a big crane, I also think it's going to be able to carry other vehicles

Pavel showed a picture of a big yellow crane for B-130 a long time ago. He didn't add it because it'd have no gameplay purpose. We never got the offroad bus addon until now for same reason so hopefully he adds the crane too, it'd give the B-130 more usability.

It looked like this but not the same picture:
alt text

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There were plenty of MODs adding some kind of crane into ST. Mostly didn't work properly: Too heavy to get anywhere/too lightweight and flipping any time of use

So thing is probably not so easy under game circumstances...


I just like having more stuff whether its redundant or not. shrugs
But I see what you mean, its very hard to avoid tipping the C-4320 with crane. I tend to use the C-255 crane carriage instead.

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I was speaking more about bigger cranes, usefull for recovering vehicles from deep trenches or tipped into river and such.
Small cranes operating with logs obviously work nicely 🙂

The new 8x8 can carry 8 logging points...

@jcad86 so just out of curiousity where did you see or read this? because a medium log carrier is 4pts then add 2pts for a short log trailer makes it 6pts total. so unless they have changed something or i am getting confused there is no single truck set up that can deliver 8pts.

No one really knows, but it's widely speculated to be the "hidden talent" of the 7429. 4 points on the truck + pulling a 4 points trailer.

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Guys, I am afraid that speculations is based on what I've said:

@sodoma said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!:


@iyagovos said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!:

  • Log Carrier – Carries Medium Logs
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carries Medium Logs

This seems to me like it could take 4 logpoints on its back and another 4 onto a trailer, so 8 points combined per ride.

Maybe this is that "secret hidden feature"?

Just seems weird to refer to that as a "hidden talent".

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It's just a speculative guess. There is no statement about "what the h**l is that special talent?", but I my guess is more like this, rather than "heliport on the roof" or something...

@sodoma i was thinking cart where it says carrier and thought cart, med trailer. that is the regular medium log set up. so yeah maybe it is medium carrier 4pts with a separate medium trailer making another 4pts. which would kinda surprise me since they have always seemed to try and make the trucks set up so you have to atleast do two truck loads for one objective. although if the thing is as slow as they are making it sound and a major fuel hog to balance it out. guess we shall see.

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Will the doc drop on the 1st or later in the month? Really curious

@blazinit said in Just a little dlc hype:

Will the doc drop on the 1st or later in the month? Really curious

i have not seen anywhere that shows exactly when, but best guess would be the first half of the month i am figuring. if someone does know when it says the DLC will be released, please chime in.

Think its gonna be huge crane with high probability to pull lets say C-255 out of some sort of pit or out of river from bridge, either that or just trailer to transport other trucks, like that new garage semi trailer but without that ship container on it..

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@blazinit hey man they said after presenting new 8x8 that this will happen every friday and they will provide more facts about dlc so that basically stretches release date first, to second of february to introduce 6x6 and then, to ninth of february for luaz i guess, and i thinks thats when they release it prob on weekend but i hope they show some pics of new map im really curious :)))

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@zamal they have said they would giving previews on Fridays, but not all have been on a Friday. like this last one was on a Wednesday. still though the timing should be about the same, it is only a couple days difference anyway.

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