New glasses are way too transparent.

Yuck, why was this changed?

I think they're placeholders.

All the ones I have access to are transparent (I don't see any tints on the tinted ones).

The clear lenses for my ESS specs are about as see-through as the ones I see ingame, they look right to me. I just think the tints haven't been applied to the rest as they were probably in a hurry to get a patch out before the weekend.

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@whitby They do have tints, its just for some reason in the customization menu you cant see the different colors, yet in game you can, and they look fucking great, like actual tactical glasses.

Honestly I didn't understand why they looked like the way they did before the patch. They were practically painted over the glasses, making them non-seethrough.


Thanks for the info I suppose, I've only seen them on others in passing. I had the Grey ones which got removed and since I've not played on a public server (since I didn't have to any longer) I don't have any unlock points to try the new ones.