Vehicle Presentation: Introducing The C-6317

@sloppyslingers what i am talking about is not so much breaking rules, but more about not turning this forum into a toxic salt flat that is known as steam discussion. i have no problem with people discussing or having "heated" debates about the game and opinions. however i think this can be done with out "mud slinging" each other.

@sodoma yeah i really liek white color on E class i was hoping they would do white and they did so excited, also 6x6 looks to have huge tires so hope its a workhorse :)) its funny that they couldnt find any weakness and it says "cant take much dmg" 600 dmg points like almost every truck lol

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With a bit of bad luck, you can get 600pts at one strike 🙂
And if you try cross deeper water and start getting dmg, 600 points are really not so much 🙂
But yes, this is comparable to rest of the fleet. But maybe there will be some extra low/high limit for start getting water damage...

@sodoma dude u know waht would be great? relistic dmg, like this game "Wreckfest" has but lot deeper alt text
so when we hit left side of the truck, engine does not get affected or maybe when u drive over rocks too fast axles get damaged instead of receiving overall dmg and steering gets lil worse, or lets say u off roading and u hit rock with fuel tank thats on the side of ur truck(not addon cistern) it starts leaking as opposed to how it works now, kinda system that recognized damage realistically That my friend would be sick

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I can tell you just one thing to this: Go in here and find my and @8up-local posts 🙂

Does anyone think that we will get tracked vehicles, weather or snow this year?

@knight25 maybe i hope after valley dlc they do so called DLC siberia with u know tracked vehicles and snow.. before american one comes

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@sodoma guess im not the first one to think that 😃

it looks like the others in category (c), but I think this C-6317 is a bit more robust ?, but this is cool.👍

You're not, I think that could make a massive improvement for gameplay. Could be tricky to balance it, but if decently done, that will be huge...
But there are no other infos on that topic, so we can just hope so far...

it would be too much trouble if they change if the weather, rain would give more realism to the mud😞

@Iyagovos can you say which trucks also can attach the Medium Log Trailer?
I gues the Log Crane Carrier is required.

I have never liked these posts. All trucks are "strong, reliable and versatile". It uses a lot of words and says nothing at all.

@araxp I'm not really bothered either way, but yeah, maybe they could include more technical stats or something? If that's something that the game engine uses.

I like it, seems to be what would happen if a 255 and 4310 loved each other very much lol. Beefy tires and very, very strong like the kraz but in a smaller kamaz form. It's also one of the better looking "don't sue us we swear its not X" grill modifications, the various kamaz really didn't take those well.

Also, what is this about Mudrunner USA? Is it just something people want or is it for real? If so.. how would it be different exactly? It would just have american instead of russian trucks, and english on the buildings instead of cyrillic...

@sorcerer yeah agreed i love their choice of grills, tbh i prefer this variant over real one it really fits both this and 8x8

I personally prefer the original grilles. it's a pity that the Pavel added only a few original models to the Steam Workshop, at least the modifications will fix remaining grilles.

@sorcerer yep, MR usa is real, although what will be in it remains to be seen.