Map voting?

So, couldnt find post about the subject, but will there not be any map voting in Sandstorm? Only map rotation with random players? I find my self exiting the game after max 2 games. First game is usually almost done when you join, second is a new game if lucky and third sucks because the teammates you just had fun with and voice chatted with are now on other servers. Its so random and it sucks big time. Along with the no kick system. Its a really good game but I feel its going too commercial and weak. Bad choices imo.
And to top it off, I just downloaded th 11.5GB update only to crash within 2min of every game...

Custom servers have some map functionality elements added which didn't work properly on cooperative at least last time I checked but that was a patch ago. I suspect it'll get fixed eventually.

Custom servers you stay with your team between map changes, solves the core problem. However, you don't get any XP. What the fuck.

Map voting was specifically excluded from beta because the Devs wanted to dictate the frequency various maps were played for testing purposes. It's unhelpful to have all the players voting to not play buggy maps when you're collecting data to find out where the problem points are on the buggy maps.

Last I heard the plan was to add the feature at launch. That was a while ago, no idea what the plan is now.