Suicide Bomber for players?

It's been bugging me a bit that there's no such thing as a suicide bomber option for the demo class.
I even tried to make a friend hold the IED as I make it detonate while he's close to ennemies, but this doesn't work either as when he picks the bomb he becomes the new owner and my detonator becomes obsolete.

We're just trying to have fun alright 😞 why should the AI have this feature and not us?

Try waiting for him to die, then hitting the Clapper/Nokia

That might just be a feature to prevent TKs if say your throw was bad. Other than that, your detonator should work. I don't think he's going to generate another detonator.

If I wanted to get killed for free by some idiot hiding around a corner or rushing the point with a suicide vest, I'd play co-op. We don't need to add even more bullshit ways to die to explosives.