No news since August 2018, good job...

No news since August, good job guys!

Yo do it very good, take 40 euros per Brother and run to Inmaterium

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And the worst thing is they admitted they had to improve their communication... I remember them apologizing and swearing "Ok, we'll do better about our communication! We have a big com plan!" I'm done with Focus. That's why I didn't buy call of Cthullu even if I love that universe. But I'm really done. Don' rely on me to buy any other product from them.

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Call of Cthullu or other game of this Company.

I don´t want their games even free.

This is a shame

I'm not even sure if they check the forum. I'm pretty sure if someone writes something offensive and no one reports it, it will stay forever.

I like Spacehulk Tactics.

Even in Steam Deals, i wont buy it.

A game of this company, never more

2019 and we are still on topic

Wow...3 trolls making multi posts wow 🙂 Good job buddies you know how to troll alright..
I love the game, especially the DLCs..

What DLCs?

A map?

Thats a DLC? thats a shame heretic!

Well if your ready to pay for DLC... 🙂 then you can really don't know how companies work do you..They sold you a product, gave you some free things with it...what do you want..indefinite gratis?
Wow..Thats not how world works..sorry

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With the free DLC, they compensate the horrible early launch of the game...

This game should cost 20 euros max, not the 40 euros we paid...

  1. Did someone put a gun on your head to buy at that price ? No..Trolsky
    2.This is a totally different edition ENHANCED launch was as good as it gets..AAA games XD have launch issues look at wow...weirdo..and it costs 50$
    3.They don't compensate anything ,you compensate your bad life with with your rant here..
    without a valid reason..Keyboard warrior i salute you.. should find another game or occupation..
    its only you doing this here.. 😛 pathetic

I´m not a troll, you can see bad feedback and values in Steam, and most of the customers are with me.

The key here, is that you are for sure the Super FANBOY number one.

Thats all.

Yes you are, but you wont admit it..ofcourse..human troll nature..
you repeat yourself..customers are with you? buhahahah...who the hell are you their troll chosen..
Fanboy 😛 mhm...should have read my criticism..
its not a problem at your critic, its at your repetative nature..and pointing out the wrong thing in most simplistic and downtarded your been hit in a head..
write constructive criticism..not
come on even you can do better than that..TROLL..

How many active users are on the forum?

How many players are online in Steam?

Finish him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That´s all, this game is crap, abandoned by devs and also by 99% customers.

Tha´s reality, as truth as you are Lord FANBOY.

Where is the Fanboy?

February and still no news since August...


One more month and still no news since August.

Good job Community Manager and DEVS!

I can´t wait to buy another of your games (irony)

Magistrum is a troll fanboy.

New month, April, and still no news.

DEVs and Comunity Managers from this company are awesome! (irony)

Focus Home Interactive and Streum On Studio are happy to announce a partnership for a new shooter in one of the most popular Games Workshop IPs!

Now we know what they are doing next. I hope they learned from this game.

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