Tyranid assault boats?

So uhm...

I hate to tell you I told you so.... But I told you so 😂

In a more serious manner, what do you guys think they can do to fix this? I saw in the patch notes that we have so far that they will probably try and fix it by increasing points.

In my opinion this is a mistake. It will just make nid fleets tinier and their boarding will stay as broken OP as it is now. Their fleets will just be tinier.

Suggestion I have: Make boarding bays smaller acrros all fleets. Not just nids. The Emperor battleship (for reference) has 4 bays in this game. It has 8 in the TT and is one of the biggest carriers in the game. Make all carriers have 4 bays like that and have some niche carriers with smaller sizes aside from it.

Maybe something like: LC, 1 bay; Cruiser, 2 bays; Grand and battlecruisers 3 bays and battleships 4 bays.

You can still differentiate indiviual factions by giving ordnance (fighters, bombers, assault boats) have things like evasion, speed or durability.

Thats just a fix for the launch bays though. Nid fleets as a whole need a big overhaul as it stands as their normal firepower is.... Lacking. I have no clue what to do there. What do you guys think?

Changing the mechanics would be the way to go. As it Stands it is like this:

Attacken troops damage value (18 for the largest ships) minus defending ships troops value (so in case the defender has a troop value of 14 for example thats 4 troop damage per action)

Which in my opinion bloats the System quite a lot and is hard to understand for new Players, especially because the troop damage value is not the same across ships and factions. Some even have variable damage values others have fixed values. Which means a tyranid boarding Action is not the same as an tyranid boarding Action because the attacking ship Type and the defending ship Type play a role aswell. Leading to sometimes "hulked in two seconds" and sometimes to "only" a Crew lost message.

To make this all a bit better to handle i think hulking a ship needs to be gone entirely or it needs to be way slower and Put in Relation with the weapon fire TTK.

For the first approach it would be an idea to keep the 3 Crew Levels but after those are gone, the ships have an -50% to all relevant cooldown attributes (firing spead, reload time, stances) but hulking it should not be possible this way. This avoids situations where people loose Controll over units with (sometimes) no way to counter it.

The other option, if hulking ships should be kept would be, increase TTK so something close to weapons fire TTK. For example instead of a boarding Action doing "3 Crew lost" damage, it could do 1 Crew lost every 10 seconds until it has done 3 Crew damage over the course of 30 seconds. Giving the defending Player time to react to the Situation. In Addition Brace for impact should add more time to that. We could Re place the 10 second damage Ticks mentioned above with 5 seconds (so 1 Crew lost per boarding Action per 5 seconds) And brace for impact could Double that (10 seconds per dmg tick) Simulation how during BFI hatches and doors get shut and locked down, and the Crew will be more aware about hull breaches.

I agree that increasing point values even further is the wrong solution as it does not address the core problem. Personally I think hangars should be less important than they are right now in general; any fleet without hangars is at a serious disadvantage right now, which is even more of an issue in 2v2 as the handy carrier combinations tend to all be outside of 600 by a couple of points now by my experience, which almost seems intended. (Side note: For 300 pts in the first game we could have a BC and a HC for IN, now we can have a BC and two cheap HCs for 600; doubling the capacity really doesn't mean much if you increase the point values along with it)
I'd maybe try going back slightly on the Brace for Impact nerf to give a higher inherent defensive power to ships.
But then again I have only played 2v2, I might be talking complete trash.

half the troop damage from assault boats give more charges.

Giving assault boats the same damage as a lightning strike seems about right. I think you can currently do normal boarding damage (or maybe even more, not sure) at extreme ranges which is ludicrous.

Earlier had a game (not against nids mind you...but still) in where I lost grand cruisers instantly. I dont recall the enemy, either SM's or DE. Or maybe a combination of the 2, as I play 2vs2.

But even space marines are not THAT powerfull. If one of their ships gets to board and disgorges an entire company onboard the enemy ship, sure. Single boarding action or assault boat? Hell no.

Assault boats as a whole need to be toned down ALOT and just increasing their points cost alone isent going to cut it.

@demoulius ya thats why i think we should just reduce their troop damage and let the ships that have them have 5 or 6 charges of them that way they over time will do the same amount of damage but are gated by cooldowns and waves giving the receiving end more chances to avoid or destroy them en-route