DrGoNzO1489 WiP maps

Update V4 Final!
Aside from some small bugs that may turn up the map is a go! Grab your copy here!

Update V3
Release date: Feb 23-24th

alt text
Trails have been marked with new custom nav signage. Color coded for difficulty/trail type ie.

Blue = easy
Green = intermediate
Red = hard
Black = uncleared / "old" trails.

Visible in background in above image. Along with new welcome sign. Still more work to do! More trails going in and adding more water obstacles. Looking to release in the next week or so maybe after the weekend depending how that goes. Happy trails!

Update V2
Im Currently running a brief private playtest on the current version of the map while i work on final touches fixes and assests. Not really lookin for anymore testers atm. but that said i will be releasing this monster very soon onece all the trails are mapped out and labled i will add in navigation signs to aid in traversing the marked trails. More info in a day or so. Happy Trails!

Oh, and I'll just leave this here ..... : )

alt text

Just to double clarify this is a work in progress there has already been huge changes too the map new sections added new objects etc. This download does not represent the current state or final product.

Thought I would share this map I've been working on feedback is appreciated rocks are from Stetson and myself. Very technical hardcore rock crawling/ Trailing to be found here this is a half size map but feels much larger due to the very slow pace of these trails. Don't be afraid to venture off the beaten trails and find your own! Welcome to "Rox Valley Trailhead" this map is a work in progress but I wanted opinions on the current state. Plz post pictures off your adventures!

I'm gonna be working on the trail system as a whole and laying out routes which will be on the map I'll edit the map image and overlay the routes so the trails are defined and color coded based on difficulty...i will compete the map with custom signage and animated trail marker flags

This map does have necessary custom models so jsgme or manual install of all files is needed.

Get V1 of map here.

alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

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Downloading now. I guess "Rox Valley" is true to it's name? Interesting in seeing these rocks, my current two I made are a bit.. basic sadly.

Just peeked into the meshes folder, that's a lot of custom objects!

rockwall.xml sounds very fun!

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@digital-x yea that's actually an object pack that I downloaded a long time ago not using most of those assets.... yet lol just got them so when I do use them they are available and I only need to update the map files. But yea like I said the rocks besides the dlc rocks are all me and Stetson. And as far as if it's true to it's name.... lol you be the judge pictures would be awesome!

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How do you get the chiseled/flat look? Mine are sort of skewed.

Then again I have been using 3DS Max for only 3 days so..

Anyway, pics of my adventures!

Nearly beached it..
alt text

Love doing that on rocks, see how steep an angle it can go
alt text

Lost the trail!
alt text

Very good so far, the trails are really tight with jagged roads so my vehicle does bounce around a lot. Nearly came off so many times.

Not by any means a negative!

@digital-x awesome! And I added some really cool staircase kinda sections in there too

0_1517270613726_1.png 0_1517270676174_2.png Some cool trails and challenging hills. You put some thought into each trail. Nice work. The only thing I don't like is seeing map borders but that's just my personal preference. Thanks for sharing!

My question to you guys should I keep going with the rock theme across the map or keep some areas a bit more mild? I quite enjoy a slow technical crawl but that is my preference. 😉
Lemme know if i should keep going with the trails I'll cover the map and make a playground!


Dude...bro...you NAILED IT!!! FINALLY a trail map that doesn't BORE ME TO DEATH!
0_1517273128842_20180129161035_1.jpg 0_1517273194693_20180129161113_1.jpg

And here's a little mod preview for you in return.

See Sun.
See Sunset in a blue fog free sky. Bet you haven't seen that before in MudRunner. The Sun actually setting part specifically(as in the glowing orb in the sky lowering towards and below the horizon, not the lighting/shadowing designed to make you think that's what's happening...when it really isn't). And not the blue sky no fog bits(which can be had with mods already out and about).

Brought to you by MudHappy's Realistic Summer Sun Effects v1.0. Coming soon!!!

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@mudhappy eh ohhhhhh! That's nice man interesting mod bro! Curious to see how it pans out I tried making custom skybox before didn't work well.... lol

@drgonzo1489 I've got it working perfectly. So far as I can tell. You can check it out now if you want. Download link in my thread here

Started working on custom signage and park and recreation style objects also some trail markers. Will add pics today

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@drgonzo1489 said in DrGoNzO1489 maps:

My question to you guys should I keep going with the rock theme across the map or keep some areas a bit more mild? I quite enjoy a slow technical crawl but that is my preference. 😉
Lemme know if i should keep going with the trails I'll cover the map and make a playground!

i would like to see it be a serious rock crawling park only. There are already so many good trail riding maps, im not complaining lol, but you dont see many serious rock crawling maps like this! im loving this map man keep it up!

@drgonzo1489 said in DrGoNzO1489 maps:

Started working on custom signage and park and recreation style objects also some trail markers. Will add pics today

Awesome! i always thought it would be a great idea if there was trail signs on the offroad park maps. looking forward to this!

@gabe thanks for the feedback! Once I get some more objects made up some of which will be animated! I'll add more rocks etc... some of the other objects I've got in the works will include possibly a garage with opening door based on the block posts so the garage door will open when you approach it and the garage marker will be inside. Also standard flexible trail markers like flags and hard hopefully breakable nav signs along the routes! Thanks for the reply! Pics will get uploaded tonight gotta finish some modeling then animate and texture.

I'm downloading it now. This map looks dope!!!!

@ganjamajic420-0 lemme know your thoughts!

@drgonzo1489 This is one of my favorites now the detail and realism is just awesome, U nailed it big time I love the rock texture and the shape.

@drgonzo1489 Hey gonzo, You care if I use these rocks?

@roughrider most of them aren't mine there Stetson 's got permission a couple years ago

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@drgonzo1489 Is he involved with MR? or this just old stuff? Anyways . Thanks

@roughrider haven't seem him around I don't think he's involved with mudrunner....but i ported them over myself.... he's pretty cool i doubt he would care but they aren't mine so I don't wanna say it's ok ya know? But I'm working on an asset pack with my own rocks for this map I'll publicly release if you can wait?

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@drgonzo1489 I'm not in a hurry, but I was just curious about stetson. That guy brought alot to the table.

@roughrider cool man and yea he did he is missed.....i can try and contact him tho.

Pic with the K10, it's got a floating rock. Had some issues with getting onto the second bridge that's by the pond. Rock glitch's are pretty common due to how blown up some of the models are. Keeping in mind it's a WIP but suggesting more rocks (if memory allows) off the trail n such to help make it look more natural but overall it was very technical and fun.

0_1518131379674_20180208123529_1.jpg 0_1518131480900_20180205014623_1.jpg

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That top image, those rocks look so well placed. Even being merged, it just.. fits beautifully!

@DrGoNzO1489 @digital-x will have to agree, that section looks well placed. although i also must admit the rock coloring really stands out and looks a bit out of place with the rest of the landscaping around them. which btw, the landscaping is very nice imo.

still though, it is looking good Gonzo. so do not take this the wrong way, but i feel people can always do better. which to me is what pushes things from relative normal standards to that higher level.

Couple more screenshots - This was the bridge section that gave me issues. I'd maybe suggest a tad more wood exposed to transition onto it. Maybe others can chime in whether they've had similar issues. I liked the map, it's pretty hard and that's nice for a change. It has high replay value since most maps are fairly tame in comparison. What kinda poly are those rocks at btw ?

0_1518157331072_20180205210128_1.jpg 0_1518157366136_20180208141117_1.jpg

@8up-local I agree about them looking out of place a bit, I think it's more because the plants/ textures around them need adjusted and some blending to be done to transition everything. I'm still in full on work mode placing creating sections. Once things are placed I'll go over it and blend things better.

@gumbootgambler ok that section does need work! And your right you can clip very easily on those bridges.... will address this asap!

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