BFGA 2 - End of Pre-Order Beta 1

Greetings, Admirals!

Today, we'd like to thank you very much for playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2's first Pre-Order Beta!

In this first beta, you were able to play as any of the twelve factions in the game in both single and multiplayer battles, as well as the prologue of the campaign, which introduces you to the story, and shows players the Fall of Cadia for the first time.

Throughout the beta, you provided very valuable feedback about gameplay balance, lore inconsistencies, and other parts of the game. Now, it's our job to dig through this feedback. We can't promise that everything you suggest will be taken on board, but we'll be playing close attention to all suggestions and we will certainly be reading it all.


Please make sure that you post any feedback you still have on either Steam or on the Focus Home Interactive forums. We'll be looking at it whenever you post it, and it's all extremely valuable.

We'll be hard at work on this until the next Pre-Order beta, which currently launches in early January. We'll have more information on that soon!

Until next time!

The Focus Home and Tindalos Teams.

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Here's hoping the next Beta has significantly more content for those of us who couldn't care less about multiplayer.

Im not sure if you saw it but just in case a lot of the feedback is in the general forum, not the technical one.

@Romeo agreed. I was kind of annoyed campaign just meant prologue, which was imperial only as well.

I have both games, and after playing the beta this seems like a good evolution from the last one. However, the biggest problem with the last game (that I don't see addressed in the last game), was a lack of a map style campaign (such as in Star Wars Empire at war, or even better a map campaign found in the total war series). This would ensure many more hours PVE play that can be done offline and reduces the chance of getting bored with the game.