Nobody responded at the steam forums, so I will try it here
Steam Workshop support coming or just a visual bug?

Interesting stuff.

Maybe we'll get an answer from @Netheos next week.

OKAY; without any idea about anything, I will just predict what this is going to be. Just for fun. For the case, that if I'm right, I can say "TOLD YOU!!!"

There was a menu point in the beta streams that was called "challenges". I guess these are blood bowl puzzles, like the ones that BBtactics has. These 2 workshop items are test puzzles, that are uploaded, but not accessible and there will be the possibility that coaches can make their own puzzles.

If something like this was already mention in the legendary edition megathread, I'm sorry, I did only fly over it.

@Spiked-Wall-Man That'd be pretty awesome. Personally I'd love their to be some ingame tutorials on really advanced stuff. Like complex chain-surfs and OTT attempts.

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