Good evening game developers and sry for my english.

Thank you for the new insurgency on the new Ue4 engine — in my view, despite all the criticism from the community, the step was correct.

the game became more beautiful by an order of magnitude, more dynamic and in a good way simpler than the game of 2014, the gameplay is not overloaded with unnecessary details and the interface, is a classic battle.

Cooperative mode with bots has become more interesting and "evil", thanks to the elements of air support and transport

I liked it more than the insurgency of 2014.

In spirit and dynamics - your new game resembles like the very first mod of 2007 on the source engine - this very good for me personal

After the beta test, I bought the game today, and I hope my modest contribution will allow you to maintain and polish the game for a long time with patches.

Thank you for your work.