A few thoughts for the end of beta!

Hey, I've played beta way too much and I've been enjoying it. I love orks and suck at imperials basically. I just can't find the right imperial fleet loadout or tactics for them in 2v2s. I've had more success with space marines by stealthing their light cruisers and spamming boarding action in hit and runs, and I know they're not in a great spot balance wise at the moment!

but a few ork thoughts:

The 190pnt deadnot is too cheap. I don't think it's OP but it should be a tad more expensive because it's basically a no brainer choice for a fleet.

The Bloodaxes kommando training shouldn't apply to battleships. Orks are secretly overpowered as hell with the ability to stealth everything. They shouldn't lose that because it is counterable but I feel like a stealth orked battleship is a bit over the top.

Waaagh giving a 100% bonus to criticals through assault action is maybe too strong. I think it also applies to the long range boarding zzaapp ability which makes it quite funny.

a few general thoughts about the game -

It would be nice to be able to see ship firing arcs without bringing up the panel and hovering over weapons. Maybe when holding down Alt and selecting a ship.

Scuttling is okay but the explosion is too big and it should also effect fighters/bombers. You can't even suicide a scuttled ship to kill tyranid ordnance as they're unaffected by the blast.

It feels like morale is a little bit flaky at the moment. If you ram a ship you suffer morale penalities which kinda sucks. I could be wrong about that so if anyone knows better please clarify.

Carriers are too expensive

I understand why autocast has been removed. I like the new features like torps, novas, abilities etc having limited uses but I find torpedos too micro heavy for too little reward. It might be nice to be able to use auto-cast again.

Ship stances being permanent is great. I always forgot to activate them.

I didn't see any meatshield attribute for escorts. If they get destroyed other ships shouldn't suffer morale penalities because who cares about escorts dying? that's their job.

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Brace prevents morale loss from ramming, boarding critical are the chance for extra troop damage which is 99% irrelevant. Six ork BBs with slowing zzaps are op especially with the stealth which should honestly just be removed. Scuttling is insane, a scuttled ork BB does 800 damage. Yeah I agree carriers are in a weird spot. Meatshield attribute for escorts could be interesting but I feel like some factions shouldn't get it lorewise. SM are the worst faction in the game currently by a large margin.

Thank you! that clears some things up.

I was like 90% sure i was more often poppping generators using that ability but I must of been wrong.

Going down a troop layer automatically gets a crit which is guaranteed against the targeted subsystem.