Battlefleet Bastion and Battlefleet Koronus Icon Swap

Before the beta closed I did notice some inconsitencies on the icons for Battlefleet Bastion and Battlefleet Kornus. And I believe the icons for the subfaction need to be swapped for one another since I think that would make players confused about the contrast between the displayed icons and the color of the ships. The reasons are the following:

  • Bastion has a Red and white icon. But their ships are blue.
  • Koronus a Blue and white icon. But their ships are red.

IMPORTANT: I am not asking to change the color of the ships, but to change the color of the icons in the subfaction menu. Battlefleet Koronus ships are PERFECT as they are (with red prows) as seen here.

alt text

Noticed the same, I think bastions ships are actually supposed to be red.

I think Bastions colors are good (the ship colors) they look very "ultramarinish". Which makes sense given who is the Lord Regent of the Imperium nowadays.

As I mentioned, Battlefleet Koronus ships have red prows. The Bastion Fleets are kind of like an amalgamation of different sector battlefleets into a unique body to patrol the surrounding area of the Eye of Terror.

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