( MudRunner usa ) is this true??????????

@iyagovos, WOW, no kidding! This will be great. Even tho I like these Russian vehicles that I didn't know of, I'd really like to have some American vehicles to drive since I'm too lazy to make my own. Can't wait for the release of this!!

Like I said in another post, NOW THIS IS A GAMES STUDIO !!!

The other imitators were just money grabbers and didn't care about this game like Pavel and Focus/Saber does. Thank you so very much for taking over this game and giving it the attention it needed to be the best it can be. This game has so much potential.

And I like the logging part of the game because I think trailing is boring. I do trailing to uncloak the map but after that, just driving around with no objective is boring to me and find logging interesting to do. It would be cool to have more/different objectives tho. Hopefully we will have more in the future and believe whole heartedly that we will see more since this game is in better hands now.

Thank you very much Focus Home / Saber / Pavel !!!

I look forward to the future of this game with you all on board now.

I'm finding devs very quiet, we need more information on dlc and future expansion😞

They already said we will hear more about it soon. The info people found is just from their yearly finanical report. It should not be seen as an "announcement".

@lombra 100% correct and agreed this is not an announcement, just something the community has found and reported on. just so happens that it has been "officially" confirmed shall we say.

"Patience" the one thing people seem to have forgotten these days.

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@fabio-brasil : a few posts above you the devs said there will be soon more information on the Mudrunner USA DLC.

"Hi all,
We can confirm that these reports are legitimate, and written by Focus Home Interactive.
We will have more information on this and more at the What's Next event. You can expect more information in the weeks after that (mid-February)."

@nighthawk Ok, I went unnoticed in this statement, thank you for the remark.👀👍

the truth that had forgotten that.😫

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@iyagovos do you know if this will be an addon that can be downloaded for the current Mudrunner game. Or will it be a seperate game thats marketed

@sloppyslingers it will be a regular update DLC. once it is out it should automaticly download to your game.

@8up-local do you have a source that backs this? I dont see them giving us anither game with maos that take place in U.S. along with licensed vehicles for free. I think it will be a paid dlc or a completely seperate game that gets bought with different core gameplay straying away from logging

@sloppyslingers quite true, i am making a "blind" claim, but from what i have seen and heard (nothing official though) this is to be just another DLC update that will just add to the existing game.

make MR USA it's own game? i highly doubt this because console users are already feeling ripped a bit and PC users will just mod their game instead of buying another version (again). i feel the same could be said for console and pc if it was a paid DLC. console paying for more when they already feel shorted and pc again will just go modded. i am sure there are some people who are willing to pay for it, but i think the majority will not.

edit: i feel i am correct with my opinion, but i could be 100% wrong as well. as we all know, we will just have to wait and see what they do here.

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In that document linked above it is mentioned as "extension" so I see it supporting 8up's opinion.
Will it be paid? Time will show us...

moi je veux bien payer pour un extension , y a pas de problème tout peine mérite salaire c'est normal .
alors après une extension made in USA
il va falloir penser aux petits Français avec une extension à la française avec des camion de marque française
comme des tp3 , trm4000 ,trm 2000 , sm8 , b110 4x4, amcat , et autres ....
bon courage les gars ....

It's clearly not a separate game. I very much doubt it will be a free update, too. The title mentioned in the report may be a working title, but the wording "Mudrunner USA" seems to me to suggest it's more than just an update.

If the pricing is good I think this could be perfectly reasonable. Depends on what the future holds. SCS has a good business model, with yearly paid map DLCs and recurring free feature updates, along with the occasional new truck. Something similar could work here and is probably required if we want to see this game supported in the long term.

I think it will all depend on the price, personally speaking. Free would be awesome, of course, but we'll have to wait and see I guess...

I think Mudrunner USA will be ur regular paid dlc to it, just like Blood and Wine was to Witcher 3 and will cost 9-11$
and probably "mudrunner usa" is a code name and will be revamped

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i see you fellas are talking price if it is a paid DLC. i do not think it will be a paid DLC though. why buy it for PC when we can just mod our game already? would console users really be willing to pay for this, considering a lot of them feel shorted already? we shall see, we shall see. starting to sound like a broken record huh? lol

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Yes! Console players would be willing to pay a couple extra bucks! It's a great game!

@simhunt77 said in ( MudRunner usa ) is this true??????????:

Yes! Console players would be willing to pay a couple extra bucks! It's a great game!

No!! Console players would NOT be willing to pay a couple extra bucks! It's NOT such great game!

Haha! Ok man. Me and my friends that play the game together would gladly pay for more good content. Sorry you don't like the game. I guess you need to find another off-road simulator that's better than Mudrunner. Good luck! Let me know if you do.