How to make the BB2 a great eSport?

Hello dear fans of Blood Bowl, lately a question that comes to my head: "How to make the BB2 a great eSport?"

I enjoy watching Blood Bowl games and playing tournaments a lot, but compared to other video games i think that Cyadine / FHI doesnt squeeze so much all the possibilities that this BB2 eSport offers.

I mean how to become BB2 in this:

alt text

Last year (correct me if I'm wrong) we didnt have a world league, and I'm worried about that this is a fact could be a sign about the decline of attention of this video game by the developers.

I belong to one of the largest Spanish communities in Blood Bowl 2 (Piel de Minotauro) and we are always trying to improve the hobby experience one step more. For example, this year we promote an initiative to create a common competition with the rest of the Spanish communities, the "Blood Bowl 2: Interligas" tournament.

That's why I would like to ask to the community and the developers their opinion about this topic.

Thanks for your time and thoughts!

I’m not sure I would want it to be a giant e-sport even if it had the appeal. I look at Blood Bowl as a way to play the game with friends and have a good time, not as some kind of money making endeavor. I wonder what such a thing would do to the game if it WERE more popular. I’m just happy Cyanide and Focus have supported it as much as they have.

I'd say bin it.

Start from scratch with a game that is much simpler to learn, less reliant on luck, takes less time to play a match.

If you want to get there, you don't want to be starting from here.

That picture represents about twice as many people that own the game, and about 6 times the number that have over 500 hours on it.

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@koadah said in How to make the BB2 a great eSport?:

I'd say bin it.

Start from scratch with a game that is much simpler to learn, less reliant on luck, takes less time to play a match.

If you want to get there, you don't want to be starting from here.

I'd agree with that.

@JohnnyFeyev haha, that picture was was an exaggerated example! : )

@koadah / @dode74 Why not? For example, I think that "Hearthstone" could be a similar case as BB2. Both of them are strategic games with a high RNG%, easy to play and difficult to master. In that case Blizzard supports its eSport possibilities, promoting competitions and events for the community.

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Well if you think about it. The actual Football World Cup is every 4 years and so I wouldn't be so worried.

Here's a quote from Netheos within another BB Community on the state of having another World Cup:

"Netheos - 11/27/2017
Hi guys, I confirm that we (Focus & Cyanide) are working on a new World Cup, and we'll work with BB2's community once again. Please wait for more info before starting a World Cup on your side. Glad to see many big BB2 leagues here! It will ease a lot the discussions about the next World Cup. Cheers!"

Will we ever get as big as the picture? I don't think it's completely out of the question (though admittedly I am wearing my extremely optimistic spectacles). Considering that for the NAF, there are already over 10,000 people registered and Fumbbl with a good amount as well... If we were to get everyone together on one platform... who knows!?

For right now, all I can say is to spread the word and to get people to watch more high level play. Currently people like myself are casting Blood Bowl every week and really would like to see Blood Bowl become even larger than it is.

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There aren't 10000 members in the NAF, there are (iirc) somewhere around 3-5000 current members. There have been approx 15k members at one time or another, but not at the same time.

Don't think that BB as we know it will ever provide you something from that picture. It's more nerdish, nich game, same way as chess, which also doesn't gather stadiums, but still have it's share of die-hard fans. To become something like DOTA/LoL it needs to be greatly streamlined and "digitalized" (for absence of better term in my limited vocabulary); by the last term I mean it needs to get rid of 1/6 granularity borrowed from 6-edged dice, and become truly digitalized edition with more freely distributed probabilities, more stats, skills, abilities and moves defining outcome etc, less random effects perhaps. But less random effects will eventually make TO mechanic obsolete what will turn BB into some kind of chess with a ball, definitely a different game.

You can go and check Steam negative reviews to understand precisely why it won't be as popular as DOTA. It much less forgivable as DOTA to somebody who don't know/want to know how to play it. Even if you are a total goof, you'll still may get some impression of achievement from a game session by randomly killing somebody or even winning the match due to other team's members better performance. In BB you'll be just failing turn after turn with your opponent kicking your arse mercilessly. You can even fail to pickup a ball 3 times in a row here lol And any failed roll will be accused as THAT one thing that takes victory from you. Because mechanics of the game are dumb, duh!

DOTA goes much easier on such kind of people allowing them to have their share of fun, and it's more intuitive, sort of, more appealing visually to most of gamers. Thought they won't ever have a chance as cybersportsmen themselves, they still can imagine they are try to achieve something, or just "go with the flow", paying some interest in competitions in the game they casually play. Also such games are more appealing to cybersportmen themselves as it's a real-time thingy with a lot of micro-controlling. Far less people are after turn-based competitive games, they are "too nerdy" and obscure, less spectacular, less addictive to a general human being.

Here is the game which will be much better candidate:
It's realtime and flashy, and can be played with relative success and fun right away.

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