Be able to invite more than ONE SINGLE person??

Can we talk about the real issue here, and it's not balancing factions, It's the fact that you can't invite more than 1 friend to play the damn game with?? This was an issue for the first one which I for a fact know costed them at least 3 sales from people who bought the game, found out they couldn't play with their friends and then refunded it. This is a HUGE and serious issue that needs to be addressed before the main game comes out IMMEDIATELY. We need to have the ability to invite multiple people to a lobby, For example If I have 4 friends that own the game, we're all on Discord together, I should be able to invite MORE THAN ONE FREAKING person!! Make it to where you can invite the other 3 people and have a fun 2v2 with your friends? Honestly what moron didn't think of this feature when they made BOTH games?? ~or~ is there some sort of technical issue prohibiting people from playing with their friends? I see no difference between inviting one person and queue'ing together for a random 2v2 against another random pair of players vs. Being able to invite ALL your friends to a maximum of 4 and then have a fun 2v2 amungst yourselves. PLEASE, PLEASE for the love of GOD, have some sense and make this change, It's silly that you can't enjoy this game with your friends.

Seriously guys, Move this to the top. This needs to be the utmost PRIORITY from the devs, The game we have works fine as is, sure It can be tweaked. That will come in time, but THIS feature that I'm suggesting is literally a MUST have. It's rather silly that this even has to be address and talked about, you would think that this would be in the game already? I feel like I'm playing a game from 2001 right now in that sense of not being able to invite multiple friends. Seriously HOW HARD IS IT TO IMPLEMENT THIS????

I wouldn't go so far as to call the devs morons, but this would be a really nice feature.

yea, never thought of this
dont appreciate possibly being called a moron for it
but now that you mention it, it would be a pretty cool feature

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You're right I apologize for calling them morons, It's just rather frustrating cause yanno, It's 2018 this is a basic feature of any game that advertises for multiplayer... Yah get what I'm saying?

Again, Could we bring more attention to this important and necessary feature? This is a must have before the game comes out. They did this with the first and no one said anything, I won't sit idly by again and watch them make the same mistake. This isn't even asking alot from anyone, this is just a normal feature of any game that offers mutliplayer.

This is true, they could potentially even let steam handle this part of the net code if their in house assets are not developed enough.

The sad thing is that good feedback is unlikely to be received when buried under a thick blanket of rage.

I am supportive of your suggestion but please tone it down, we are not even sure the feature won't be there at release.

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i know y'all dont wanna hear this but i doubt there will be enough players who would use the function to warrant putting it in.