The Health & Shield Power of Vessels

To start off, I very much enjoyed playing the beta and getting a first look at everything. I tried most of the factions, did some 1v1's and 2v2's with the A.I. and other players. So far, it looks like a fantastic expansion upon the first.

Besides the balancing issues, my friend and I believe that the health/shields of all ships is just a bit too low. It seems like ships die too fast. Not from troops dying, just ships exploding. We would like to see ships out there for a bit longer, even battleships seemed to be offed fairly quick.

The HP and shields has been doubled from BFG1 already.

@brohanbroski said in The Health & Shield Power of Vessels:

The HP and shields has been doubled from BFG1 already.

True, though weapon ranges have also gone up, as has peak DPS for certain groups.

I think things are at an OK place for most of the races right now, the only ones I've found that die or run too quick are the Dark Eldar and the Space Marines.

I'd almost argue that Dark Eldar don't die quick enough. They are not supposed to be durable by any stretch of the imagination, and rely on the piloting skill of the player to stay in fights at angles they can win.

Space Marines though, they need an enormous durability buff of some kind. Almost as badly as Necrons do. For a brawler up close and personal faction, they have a hell of a time getting into range to start the fight.