Chaos Upgrade Changes

First off I have been thoroughly enjoying the first beta, the new ships from all factions is a joy to play and fight against, enjoying the cap mode currently as it gives more meaning to the battles rather then just ship vs ship as well as increasing the amount of tactics as well as strategy conducted every match. With about 15 hours in and with the beta currently ending I wish to share my little insight into chaos as I played it non stop (next to orks), role playing my way to victory and defeat. But onto the main topic.

Chaos Upgrades
Playing as chaos, there are many strats that can be used from a Tzeenchian kite and fight approach to a Khorne blood party close quarters combat boarding engagement. All sub factions save for four of them (Death Guard, Emperors Children, Thousand Sons, World Eaters) are filler and are exactly the same save for the portraits and colour schemes in battle. This is similar in every faction it seems as the sub factions are represented but do nothing to differentiate themselves from others which is a bit disappointing but understandable given the enormity of the task of balance. That said I would hope to the devs give one upgrade to each subfaction in the game to make them different and unique but alas balance.

Of the four main factions in chaos Death guard is by far the weakest in terms of upgrades. Its level 10 skill is the locust swarm, activated by the admiral ship doing 10 damage per second to enemy vessels in a 4,500 unit range whilst healing 4 hp/s to allied ships in the same range I believe for 30 seconds. For a grand total of 300 damage and 120 hp in the full duration is quite good for a lvl 10 skill. Its unique upgrade is sadly not very unique and is my main problem with them currently. 'Possessed Vessel' gives all chaos vessels another sub bridge, so they can still give orders even when the bridge is lost. This upgrade is beyond weak for a lvl 10 upgrade for the same upgrade can be taken by a lvl 1 ork admiral which is very very lack lustre. You can easily click on the enemy admiral ship see what upgrades are currently applied, realise that focusing on the bridge subsystem is useless and choose another meaningful subsystem.

A side note: This ability to see what upgrades the enemy has should not be known information to the opponent save for the end of the battle (a good addition), for it means some upgrades like the bridge upgrade are largely useless. If anything you should find out the hard way that they have a particular upgrade that negates that damage.

I would recommend the following changes to 'Possessed Vessel':
Increase health of all vessels
50 HP for Escorts
100 HP for Line ships
200 HP for Admiral Ship

These changes should bring the upgrade in line with other more meaningful choices at lvl 10, including other sub factions. These values can be changed as they are a starting recommendation whilst also making them flavourful and of course different then the same upgrade given to many a faction.


An alternative (Cool) idea for it would be "Ships may continue to fire and move when Hulked, but cannot be controlled. Applies to Line Ships."

Would be like Mutiny in function, but prevents your ship from truly being hulked.

Don't underestimate the subbridge- stances are really powerful now, and crits happen all the time, intentional or no.

Being able to get damage reduction/rate of fire/gun range you otherwise wouldn't is worthwhile. It comes early for Orks and Necrons because they have low shields/no shields and are more susceptible to crits where Chaos has passable shielding, so it's a less immediate concern. If an upgrade convinces the opponent not to go for their intended tactic, you've forced them into improvising which is also an advantage.

What I don't know is whether it lets you execute during a Mutiny or not when the bridge is crit- if it does, that's a significant bonus and a half.

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@themadtypist, Stances are strong but reserve bridge is not worth it. We have only two active Upgrades, not ten, even not five.

Yeah secondary bridge upgrades are amazing, the stances have an incredibly large effect.

Chaos don't need buffs.

@solaire, chaos needs more differences from other factions, not buffs.

@takt Positive differences, which would indirectly or directly be buffs.

@solaire, Increase health of all vessels or sub bridge is buffs in both cases.

@solaire i guess we should not mess with any faction than and leave it how it is than if we go by your logic.

No differences dont need to be buffs. They can also imply negatives but also advantages at the same time.

Also differences can result in changes in play style which isnt necessarily a buff but it gives options.