The Mace has really, really bad stats displayed with the Assault... On other Classes it is much more potent. Ive tried it out and you have to hit " normal Genetealers a couple of times to kill them. Im pretty sure that the stats are not wrongly displayed but the Weapon itself is very weak on said class. Maybe you have intented not to let Assault have this Weapon, since he has a good Amount of different Melee Weapons already.

Shield Bash
I love it, but its not Potent enough... The stun wears of too quickly. Nids are really smart as of right now. When you bash them, the 2nd line of nids will instantly react to and jump to your positions from behind ranks ( which is damn neat! ) but either try out haveing the bash be more potent with bashing them more far away or letting them be stunned for a longer duration!

Possible to have more Combinations for Assault at least?

  •    Claw & Sword

** LC & Mace
*** Mace and Sword
**** Shield & Powerfist
***** Powerfist / sword
etc, etc
as epic as the shield is, a Glasscannon Assault is Epic aswell!
Hope we will see a Powerfist with a Bolter strapped on it. You could have the Fist shoot when holding it for Heavy attack. and have normal Powerfist light attacks aswell 😉