Imperial Navy's lances are underpowered

@solaire oh I didn't know about the bug. Anyway that was only an example, I had other matches
where lances were really underperforming. (still have to tell me what are the good chaos ships 😛 )

@aram_thehead Acherons are amazing. They can easily outrun most vessels and whittle them down with decent lances and macros. Slaughters are also pretty decent, being extremely fast. Executors have very high lance damage and stats for a low price, but are slower then Acherons. Despoilers also have pretty good lances, but this is balanced by cost and firing arcs.

@solaire If I remember correctly a lot of tyranid players experienced that bug while ramming.

Lances are overall pretty underwhelming. In the previous game they were only scary in Chaos fleets or when you were a space marine and people took lance heavy ships to tear you a new one. You cant decide on your ships depending on your opponent now and theyre really underwhelming in damage 😑

Personally I agree with the whole 'make them ignore all armor' change. Either that or just increase their damage. But I feel both could potentially be overkill...

Still a slower rate of fire with heavy hitting attacks is how they are in the lore. They are ship killers and imho should feel like they are just that 🙂

high burst, insta hit, never miss weapons means you cant shield cycle
leading to getting critted to death at 22k with no way to defend
thats not fun gameplay