learn how to play

a problem that I saw is that many do not know how to play with their roles they just go in like that, i propose that in order to play, first they must complete the tutorial, and they need to be level 20 in order to go in the competitive

Agreed especially the role of commander.

@verse said in learn how to play:

Agreed especially the role of commander.

there is no "commander" in competitive, read what he's suggesting.

i think its a problem that will go away with time.

while everyone is unranked you'll be playing new and experienced people, after your 10 placement matches the matches should get better.
The new people will play together and the experienced people will play together.

Agreed! The players abilities will level out, and similar experienced players will get together. Although, I have played with expert players in other games, (and they knew how bad I was), but taught me a lot about playing. IF a good team has some patience, they can make all the difference in the world for other players to learn.

@sleepymode calm down I read it and agreed, then suggested experience for a commander as well.... Sorry a commander in non competitive play.