List of Customization Bugs!

-clicking on presets randomize clothing on the insurgents, character can be seen wearing pieces of clothing that have not been purchased

-insurgent's outfit always changes going in and out of loadout menu while in game

-security character customization that was set during the beta appears while browsing through different customization options, persistent when exiting and reentering game

-combat glasses are not shown properly in main menu customization

-When hovering over an article that was worn while the transition between the beta and full game occurred, the outfit for security is shown in its actual state (what it looks like in the full game).
-When hovering over other options (items that are unpurchased and not worn by character during beta), the outfit that was worn during the beta shows.

Same, i have resolved partially returning to stock customization, but sometimes happen again. Also the Costumization points seems to be bugged because look like i have 1700 pt but don't allow me to buy anythings.