Team killer and insulting me

So I played COOP when this guy TeamKilled me because I was talking.
The first part doesen't have my voice because I forgot to activte the microphone in Shadowplay.

I was remaning calm not Insulting him and he just keept insulting me and Killing me aswell.

Youtube Video

his name is YuurSister: SteamID: 76561198305962905

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I think NWI can't do anything without any evidence.
If you encounter people like that, just leave. Don't feed trolls and they will die out

When playing on "Ranked" Servers, to gain XP for new cosmetics, there is no admins working these servers, so as above the only recourse is to just Leave. However if you play on Community Servers, where you cannot gain that XP, then more likely you will run into a Server Admin playing and they can help you more by taking care or booting the player then and there. Most of these troublemakers thrive on these types of servers, where there is NO Admins around to kick them off.

But this game clearly doesn’t need a votekick...

just play on dedicated servers mutch more fun mutch more nicer people bc they know they will get banned. xD

well I have made a repost with evidence just had to cut it 🙂

We urgently need a democratic VOTEKICK which prevents the kicked person to connect to the same server for 10 minutes.
Democracy is the cornerstone for almost every country on this planet.

Why NWI doesn´t want to have it in a videogame ?

It´s really important to have the votekick option !

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@gsg_9_lightning I don't believe they "don't want it", but rather that they'll implement it later. Should have been a feature for launch, but hey... Launch was a tiny bit rushed and forced, so... Insurgency 2 has a votekick system that worked well, so I think Insurgency Sandstorm will have it too.

mhhhh I don't know about the votekick I think they said they didn't want to add it

@grumf Devs specifically said they decided not to include a vote kick because they were concerned about it being abused.

I know it gets abused in rainbow six siege. One dude will throw it out there and a bunch of morons will pile on to be "cool". I can deal without it. Shouldn't get kicked for no reason in a game you paid for.

We need voteckicks, almost every game I play ends with everyone waiting for someone afk.

In total I played 1.166 hours Insurgency2 and during all that fantastic games the votekick has been abused maximum 4 - 5 times.
The abuse argument is ridiculous !

But what i observed really often were players who didn´t like the talk and playstyle of other players and started a votekick and failed because the rest of the team had a "more positive" opinion.

The most important thing that i observed and participated was that many many Teamkillers, who really kill teammembers intentionally because they were totally raged ( or just were trolls ) have been kicked succesfully off the server ( may be in total 30 - 40 votekicked Teamkillers during that time ) !

My impression is that the playerbase of Insurgency Sandstorm mostly consists of people who are older than teenagers.
Therefore I am convinced that Votekick-abuse will not happen as often as feared.
NWI should have more trust in the playerbase !

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I agree that there are a lot of mature players, but I've also been in games with a lot people who are clearly immature lately. I don't like giving them power over other peoples enjoyment. Teamkillers now kill themselves so that isn't an issue. I realize it's annoying when the last guy is a sniper and doesn't realize he is the last one. I think there are other ways they can deal with that issue. People paid for the game and shouldn't get kicked by teenyboppers trying to be cool no matter how little it occurs.

We need not only vote kick, but also automatic punishment for teamkilling.

Someone that teamkills 3 times in less than 5 minutes should get a playtime restriction.

Another thing it needs is for people that leave competivive to get a 1 day ban from playing or something like that, with that time increasing with repeated ofenses.

Since Im already here, another thing we need, since the game limits the number of players per role, is that only people with a high enough level to understand game to be able to fill some roles like commander and sniper. too many games a level 0-5 that completely ignores the objectives and kills noone is the last one alive completely unaware of anything with their tunnelvision on a street noone goes through.


  • "Teamkillers now kill themselves"
    Yes, that's true. But it could also be abused the other way round, running in front of a teammates gun so they are now the "teamkiller". I haven't seen anybody do that, but what I've seen more than enough is players who die accidentaly without anybody griefing and get frustrated because the tk-system f***s them over.

  • About your last man standing thing. "I think there are other ways they can deal with that issue"
    I don't think there's much they could do. Dead players aren't allowed to communicate with alive players until after the round. And if it's an afk player you can only hope that the round timer or afk-timer runs out or an enemy finds him.

On another note.
Hackers who kill the entire enemy team the first 3 seconds cannot be dealt with either cause it doesn't count as teamkilling, meaning they don't get reflection damage/punishment nor is it being afk so the afk-timer would kick them. Oh, and there is no report system either, you have go to the forums and report manually...

The current systems have major, major, MAJOR! flaws and many times don't work as intended.