Did we get loyalty credits? Other thoughts??

I have literally been in the hospital and on bed rest for a while now with a head injury so haven’t had a chance to play at all since about the 5th or 6th of December where I would have been lvl 82 I think? Anyways what are returning people’s experiences? Is it safe to say if I log on tonight I can expect to have approximately 4100 cosmetic credits to spend? I will be level 1 now? And are the returning people liking the current direction of things? How did the open beta go? Just curious and pretty bored right now can’t play yet..

Yeah, you get the credits. In the first match you play you will get like -1000000XP. The first few levels require so little XP that you will probably be at like level 3 after the first match.

Optimization has gotten better but many people still have issues.

I love the game.

You also get another 1000 credits and tattoo for playing in the beta.

Finally played for about an hour last night.. Can see why I didn’t get many comments.. Jesus NWI I mean like I appreciate the hard work and I’m sure you guys are trying hard but damn this game still a real mess.. will try to be actually helpful later when I have time to actually spend some hours but daaayyyummm..

0_1544961452391_77D5B571-6124-4E5F-A864-0B4552136389.jpeg Side note I did take one screen even though there were many many I should have as well as videos in the small amount of time I played last night but regardless I was tired and the one match was all my brain could take but I couldn’t even tell what the hell was going on there what did I even get and how many credits was the red one?? Very confused on many things lots of issues.. I ranked to lvl 83 but I’m only lvl 1? Which is it.. Still hopeful as always and can’t wait for things to be ironed out over time. Had so many weird things happen in such a small amount of time it put such a nasty taste in my mouth. I’m not talking performance as the game actually looked and ran pretty well for me but just stupid glitches/bugs? I guess? At one point I threw a smoke in the air and it hit something invisible maybe 20 feet in front of me in the air and the smoke just fell to the ground from there. I assure you I checked from many angles there was nothing in the air (at least that wasn’t invisible). Quite a few times I was killed by an enemy point blank with a shotty who was clearly not even remotely looking at me one time almost but not completely with their back turned to me.. I am positive it was the person in view who was the one who killed me while not looking in my direction. So many bullets not registering on moving targets despite hearing screaming and seeing blood? This was while using AKM and single ROF targets not very far off Sooo.... maybe now you need to lead a target only 50M away by more than 3-5 feet? Was armour buffed? People take 6-7 shots sometimes again? Just curious not looking to be attacked and my aim is fine been playing fps games my whole life save your breath please... Still the only game I’m playing but it’s getting tough to get excited to play I was for a while there!

Sorry, but proper punctuation and paragraphs go a long way for others to make your thoughts understandable. I am not going to read that. Your screenshot seems to indicate that you might be using a wrong resolution, though.

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@feuerholz Ohhh common don’t break my heart..😢 a 6 year old could read that regardless I won’t lose any sleep.. And it’s not the resolution thanks move along please!

Move along? It was a thought on the problem, not an insult. I just noticed myself that the resolution is not the problem since i also got that bug here now. The earnings display worked previously though, so this seems to be a new problem (but could be related to borderless windowed mode which i just tried).

And sorry again, but readability of text is important, especially if you're asking for help.

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@feuerholz Wasn’t really asking for help lol I know it’s the games fault I was just pointing out issues either way sorry for the hostility I have a head injury am in pain and just a little irritated.. As far as the grammar or punctuation I just simply could not care less. If this were a forum for proper English etiquette I might apologize but it’s not and as uneducated as I may sound I know ma shit is quite readable unless you have a head injury worse than mine? Lol just sayin..