crits on escorts and crit immunity

afaik escorts gets destroyed by one critical hit. that means, that all the 400 hull escorts die more or less after the same amount of firepower compared to 200 hull variants. that is because the probability for one crit during the first 200 hull damage is very high. a better design should have different average time to death tied to escort hull points. one possible solution for this could be the reintroduction of "hull breach" as the crit suffered by escorts. it destroys a fixed amount of hull points so that 400hp escorts could survive more crits before they are destroyed compared to 200 hull escorts.

another issue imo are ships with the "immunity to crits" trait. they are too tanky with no loss of efficiency until they are destroyed, which means they tend to overperform. kroot balls for example are extremly tough in their braced stance, shrugging of enormous amounts of fire. I would prefer if their trait gives them a percentage reduction of receiving crits in general, subsystem and weapon immunity to crits and possible hull breach and fire crit effects instead. that would mean still no loss of efficiency until destroyed, but faster loss of hull through hull breach crits against very high amounts of firepower (compared to damage needed to get crits against ships without the "immunity to crit" trait).

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escorts dont die from a single crit
as is very noticeable from how you can hulk escorts
matter of fact getting a escort in red troop count will just do a fire which is generally meaningless
so yes, hull breach crits need to be back as a serious treat to uncrittable targets like escorts and also kroot balls

afaik they (all?) still had a special trait, saying they get destroyed by a (subsystem?) crit. there can be an exception regarding loss of troop level crits.

I don't know how the game rolls between fire, extra weapon damage and subsystem crits and how this system interacts with escorts and "crit immunity" ships.

I know that I was not always able to keep track of what killed an escort in a fight and I had the impression that kroot balls and roks are a bit too sturdy. you only had to compare what the tau crit build (which is too good in dealing crits) did to a line ship compared to a rok.

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Yeah I never saw an escort get insta killed by a crit this build, you could certainly tell when it happened in the last one.

@fosil could be the trait was still mentioned
but it was no longer in effect for escorts
i am certain of that

but i do agree with you on kroot balls
somekind of minor hull breach attached to all crits would be good vs them especially as fires stack to a pathetic 4 max

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