Faction aesthetics and customization

@valiran9 Agreed. The necron ships have several examples that are just wrong (Sautekh had red, despite being green and silver) and non of the ships have anything denoting any specialties like the four legions devoted to gods do, like the weapon coloration that canonically have or all of thokt's crystal tech. I would appreciate that being implemented. That and several ship models being fixed. Dynastic glyphs would definitely also be present, they aren't presently though despite other subfactions getting their symbology where possible.

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I don't understand these arguments about PvE and PvP, you only have to Google the games features to see they are expanding both.

For singleplayer:-


And from pc gamer:-

'In skirmish and casual multiplayer you'll be able to customise the probability of each effect, the point totals of each fleet (basically how strong they are), and the victory conditions for capture points.'

The grand campaigns seem more involved sounding a bit like Total War and there are three of them.

I played 21 hours of the beta and in the first game majored in multiplayer, but boy did I enjoy single player when I gave it a shot, the art style, story and voice acting really was immersive. It reads like your admirals this time round might have a relationship with their home system.

The beta was a red herring I feel as the tool tips still refer to data collection being on the opponents flagship, so suspect multiplayer won't just be cruiser clash with cap points unless ranked.

@mystic_taboo the problem is that the new scrim has no progression attached like the old and the grand campaigns are limited to 5 of the 12 factions leaving 7 factions relatively irrelevant to the SP crowd. And the problem is not necessarily that both are available or both getting improved its that the concessions that MP requires are taking away from SP i.e. massively diminished customization, the horrible feel of the necrons, take and hold being in the game period, and there are much more if you start looking under the hood like the anti cheat system they are using making any modding like the 1500 point mod from the last game being impossible.

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An example of what I was talking about when I was referring to customizing Imperial ships can be found in some of the concept art done for the Anargo Sector Project, shown here:




Now obviously, for some modules like the midship variants, Luxury-pattern components, Surveyor-pattern prow, and Sprint-pattern engine, there would be definite mechanical differences. Nevertheless, I think the rest of the components easily illustrate how a ship could be differentiated from the rest of the group with a little bodywork.

torpedo spread
most of those prows would make drastic changes to how a ship played
think its the lunar?
has a different prow
has different torps
something to consider, those changes arnt just aesthetic

@ashardalon At the scale BFG operates (ships fight at beyond visual ranges), torpedo spread would not be an issue. They would just maneuver themselves into their lines of fire like always. I would be nice if the human ships had semi-guided torps to reflect that, though.

except no
in BFG different prows come with different torpedo spreads

check the lunar compared to a gothic when next beta releases

Easy solution: Make the torpedo spread utterly independant of the prow.

yea that would just need 3 times as many models
definitely a great time investment
times 5 for ship classes ofcourse

@valiran9 There are definitely other things i think they should use resources on first, but if they ever get around to making the sub factions feel truly unique then this shouldn't be out of the question and would be a welcome inclusion. Especially the part about certain sectors not having ships that are as ornate as the gothic ones. As cool as it is to have floating space cathedrals it never seemed like a super effective design that the whole Galaxy would be using for their ships.