Constructive criticism for the DEVS

A lot of this might sound like complaining, but it is meant to be constructive criticism. A lot of these things will improve the game and i would love to have discussion about them.

  • Add a satisfying non intrusive sound alert for when the game needs you to ready up. (ADDED)

  • A 3-2-1 match beginning sound would be nice.

After I ready up, sometimes i will alt+tab back out. Once it actually fills queue and is about to load the map, it would be nice to have a 3-2-1 match beginning sound

  • Option to turn off the radio beeps (ADDED)

  • Option to turn off in game voicelines and announcements.

Mostly talking about the announcers telling me what point is capped or not capped, not talking about players yelling when they die or get shot at. Some of the automatic voice lines are loud as hell and some are just inaccurate. When playing in a competitive game, sound whoring is very important. If i have some automated line blaring through my headphones, i can not hear any footsteps or gun shots or anything that could be vital to staying alive that is around me.

  • Add an option in video settings for a MENU frames per second cap.

There is no reason to have 400 fps while sitting in the menu. We do not need our GPUs running at 100% and the fans going all out trying to keep them cool while we are just in a menu queuing for a game. Let me sit in the menu at 60 fps with my fans on low and my gpu at 25% load please.

  • Add an option for custom frame limit cap

Instead of being limited by only the options made available, it would be nice to have a custom option where you could slide a bar or type in a number to set as the frame cap.

  • Separate the dual action key bind of jump and vault.

There are many instances where i would rather jump than vault, including but not limited to:
Going ON a ledge, but not over
Avoiding vaulting to my death
Avoiding small obstacles that i do not need to vault but the game forces me even though i could just jump over it
Increasing the speed at which i can be prepared to fire, when moving over uneven terrain.

  • Separate the dual action key bind of crouch and slide.

If you let go of W, you can go from full sprint to full stop crouch. (i have a link to prove it is possible if proof is needed) It is cumbersome to do and you can still accidentally slide and be stuck in an animation that can not be canceled. When my intention was to take cover by crouching and my character slides out of cover, this is a problem. If the key binds were separated, I would have full control over my character actions. I am not asking to be able to slide whenever I want, the game can already tell by how fast my character is moving to decide whether I am able to slide or not.

  • Automatically continue reload animation after it was canceled

In the reload animation, your character takes the magazine out, then puts a magazine back in. While reloading, you are able to cancel the animation of putting the magazine back in (by performing any action). If you cancel a reload it should automatically continue the animation for putting the magazine back in after whatever action that canceled the reload is finished. You can always cancel the reload again if you need to.

  • Can you add 2 to 3 feet about 12 inches to the fall damage threshold?

Sometimes you take take damage or even die from heights that you should not. Maybe even make the vaulting threshold higher than the jumping threshold to make it valuable. But seriously, only 1 or 2 feet would make this way better and is not a huge change. (after playing long enough i think it is VERY close to acceptable, although increasing it by even 12 inches would be nice. I hate being stuck in an animation on not being able to play the game.)

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@cheekibreeki said in Constructive criticism for the DEVS:

Separate the dual action key bind of jump and vault.
Separate the dual action key bind of crouch and slide.

Forced dual action keybinds don't belong in PC games. End. Give an option for seperate key binds. You can easily avoid both of these but it's just annoying.

Not to mention how badly shooting a sliding player exposes the bad netcode. It just doesn't register hits on sliding targets.

you do not sound like complaining at all.

these are all really good suggestions!

although i don't think separating crouch from slide will be an option because that is actually a design decision if i get the intent behind it... anyway, i want to see sliding as an option too.

the reload and vaulting changes are needed ASAP. 😉

I may be wrong but I believe the staged reloading was by design. If you pulled out a mag and pulled out a pistol or opened a door or whatever and didn't put a new mag in...then there would only be one bullet in the chamber. I bought this game for few buds and they were screaming about it at first and eventually got used to it lol. Everything else here is great feed back I would like to see it implemented eventually.

  • In addition I think a loadout screen in the main menu would be sick so we can tweak as much as we like instead of holding up a game.

  • Back pack weapons from the first game seem to be gone if I am not mistaken, I guess they use up additional resources to show the RPG's and weapons on your back when using a side arm but a toggle option to show them would be nice imo.

Your non intrusive sound alert is very on point bro, they need this.

Cheers gents

I agree with everything except the fall damage height, which is pretty high already imho. And instead of automatically reloading the gun an animation could be played that illustrates the missing magazine, like rotating the gun to expose the lower side a bit and make it visually obvious that it's missing. I like that you have to take care of that on your own without any automations.

It would be nice to get a dev response on this. I have a lot more things to bring up to help improve the game, but would like to take care of a few at a time.

I agree with most of what u say Breeki, but i do not agree with the reload animation or the crouch slide. This forces you to play more tactical on when u need to reload or sprint. If u reload and get caught with your banana in your hands you should not be rewarded for canceling the animation. And name one person that can crouch instantly from a full speed sprint.

The devs improved two of the things i suggested. Hopefully next patch a few more will be done.

@BarkBarkington Literally EVERYONE can go from full sprint to crouching. Try it! Sprint forwards. Let go of W. Crouch. Done.

We are not playing on console with a controller. We have plenty of keys to bind things to if we choose. Just give us the option. If you don't want a separate keybind, then leave it how it is. If you do, then bind it to another key. What is the reasoning for keeping it dual action???

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There definitely needs to be something that helps the missing magazine stand out, because in real life you would know if you put a magazine in, and you would see or feel it not being there. My idea is to have a red magazine-shaped box in the lower right corner that makes it clear there is none.

hey the devs added some of the things
props on them

I have updated the original post. Still waiting for a dev response before i add more suggestions.