[HELP] Convert 3d models of a car to .X format

Hello! I write this post because I need someone to convert the 3d models of this vehicle to .X format (or other, for example .3ds).
I do not have the game installed or the knowledge necessary to do this, I hope you can help me!
Thanks for your attention
PS: I'm using the google translator

Vehicle link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i7eafow0bp4ye3h/Ramcharger.rar/file

If you have 3ds you can download a .X plugin that will export it as a .X


Sorry for being blunt, but, NO THANK YOU!!

You just got in here less than a month ago and are asking us to download something without any images of the vehicle to show us that you're not just a spammer.

Sorry, But I'll pass. I don't like spammers and I don't like virus' even more.

If you are legit, I'd suggest you post this in the Vehicle request thread and show some images of what you uploaded because I don't know you nor will I risk screwing up my PC by downloading something I have no idea of what it consist of.

Just an fyi, I'm reporting this post as spam just in case.
If you are legit, I will apologize for my caution. I've been burned before and it will never happen again.

Have a good day...

I just clicked on the link and it's showing that the file was removed. So this smells of spam very badly.

alt text

Since the link doesn't work and there's already a work around, I'm going to lock this thread!

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