[HELP] Convert 3d models of a car to .X format

Hello! I write this post because I need someone to convert the 3d models of this vehicle to .X format (or other, for example .3ds).
I do not have the game installed or the knowledge necessary to do this, I hope you can help me!
Thanks for your attention
PS: I'm using the google translator

Vehicle link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i7eafow0bp4ye3h/Ramcharger.rar/file

If you have 3ds you can download a .X plugin that will export it as a .X


Sorry for being blunt, but, NO THANK YOU!!

You just got in here less than a month ago and are asking us to download something without any images of the vehicle to show us that you're not just a spammer.

Sorry, But I'll pass. I don't like spammers and I don't like virus' even more.

If you are legit, I'd suggest you post this in the Vehicle request thread and show some images of what you uploaded because I don't know you nor will I risk screwing up my PC by downloading something I have no idea of what it consist of.

Just an fyi, I'm reporting this post as spam just in case.
If you are legit, I will apologize for my caution. I've been burned before and it will never happen again.

Have a good day...

I just clicked on the link and it's showing that the file was removed. So this smells of spam very badly.

alt text

Community Manager

Since the link doesn't work and there's already a work around, I'm going to lock this thread!

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