Wizard bug - undue turnovers

So last night I played a match with a wizard in my corner. Opponent does something questionable (race ahead with his ball carrier, nobody covering him and I have an AG4 player in range). At first I thought "cool ! My opponent is bad" so I move a few players, then I remember I have a wizard and I can even drop the ball without blitzing, so I hit it, get a 1 on the lightning bolt and... turnover.

That's not supposed to happen. At all.
The Wizard is not supposed to be a turnover action in any way, shape or form ; no matter when it's activated. Copy/paste the relevant bit of the ogre's "bonehead" roll into it or something, I dunno :). That's really not one of them "1 is an auto turnover" cases.

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Using an wizard ends your turn, if it's not your first action of the turn.

Yep. You can only use wizard at the beginning or end of your turn. So if you move anyone prior to using the wizard, and then use the wizard, that will signal the end of your turn regardless of how well or poorly the wizard performed.

The game even informs you that using the wizard will end your turn if you've already activated a player in any way.

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