Video Posting!

Just wondering if anyone might be able to help out! What is the easiest way to take in game clips from Sandstorm and post them on here? I am obviously not a very computer smarts type of person lol. I did at one time post one video but I literally recorded the video off of my monitor using my iPhone then uploaded it through WeTransfer. There has to be an easier way and I also felt like only people who also have WeTransfer could view the video this I don’t know for sure but either way just looking for a quick and easy way! I would rather avoid using the Nvidia Highlights or what ever that thing is as I feel it is stealing pc resources while running in the background? Lol I dunno anyways if that’s the easiest way maybe I’ll try it. Any and all help would be appreciated. Just want to make this game successful and want to share funny experiences with anyone who’s looking for a laugh etc..

Recording video always will have some amount of overhead on the cpu/gpu depending exactly how you are recording. The GPU typically has an encoder chip specifically for this.

You can use OBS, Shadowplay (nvidia gpu required), or Relive (amd gpu required).

I typically upload my videos to Youtube raw for short clips or you can use a video editor like Sony Vegas (pay to own), Hitfilm (free), or whatever Adobe offers nowdays (subscription).