Regeneration not working? PS4

I am using an undead united team on ps4 in eternal league. When my players with regenerate die or get injured, they never regenerate. Is it supposed to happen automatically or is there some button I'm supposed to press during that 10 second countdown that happens after they get hurt?

It's a 50% chance of regen, which in practice works about one time in 10 🙂

Aha, thank you. I was just unsure because I'd found a previous post from awhile back that said regen wasn't working for undead united, and didn't know whether it was fixed. Funny that there is no notification that regen failed or anything. So there's definitely no button to press, it just happens automatically right?

Yeah, any time a player with regen is injured there should be a 1D6 roll. 4-6 they regen, 1-3 they do not. The roll should show up in the log, though there will be no button to click or notification otherwise.

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