Ever any desire to go into a larger scale?

I am curious if insurgency sandstorm will ever add a game mode of a larger scale, a larger map, longer match, maybe more vehicles? Stuff like transports or light armor. Long form team work based stuff. I am unsure of the logistics of implementing such a mode, something like conquest from other games. Though I think it would be cool to see.

It would be but I doubt it. They have a lot of work to do with the game current state to be able to implement such drastic new changes.

But maybe in the next Insurgency in 2020something.

Agreed, I dont know the logistics of it, definitely not a couple of months into the game kind of implementation. It just seems like the potential is definitely there. There is even bullet physics to an extent. Which would be interesting for long range stuff.The current mala seem big already as well. I'm limited to console and unfortunately squad or arma type games dont come out on consoles. So battlefield has been the main go to but even then the franchise has massive drawbacks from the viewpoint of a long time fan, and I'm currently looking at THIS game to keep my shooter interest.

I agree. The base game mechanics are there, but the maps feel rather linear. For example, it gets slightly annoying having to redo everything in the same order in a co-op map.

the best idea would probably be 20 vs 20 skrmish with 12 waves for both sides and instead of losing the ability to gain waves after the cache is destroyed, the team with their cache gone now needs to cap 2 obj at a time in order to get 1 wave back.

Hmm indeed, it's a first impression with a legitimate shooter that's coming to console, it's already doing a lot of things right, but perhaps for future content? 🤔🤔🤔 I dunno, I dont see another oppertunity like this coming to console in a long time, battlefield, call of duty, verdun, a couple others, I'm even surprised we got verdun. It's a mainly arcade dominated genre of gaming on console and it's sad to see. Hopefully they read this post and consider the ideas said. Maybe for my Christmas gift 😁.

This talk of more vehicles has got me thinking as to how long it'll be until someone releases a race map, a shame that you can't handbrake turn hehe

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